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    Spinal Tap

    @kite wrote:

    Cork’s Docklands cover an area of 166 hectares of land on both banks of the River Lee, with 4 kilometres of waterfront.

    Speaking of Docklands any word on Werdna’s application ?

    Is the Horgans Quay application any nearer being lodged ?

    Doyles Warehouse behing on the Albert Quay /Albert Street and the other smaller warehouses on Albert Quay ?

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    Spinal Tap

    Harry Crosbie is in discussions with a Cork Developer (OCP) Regarding a 2,500 – 3,000 seater venue in Cork with Mahon being one of the 2 possible sites for the proposed development.

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    Spinal Tap

    @jungle wrote:

    Depending on the length of the extension, it could be as many as 7 or 8. There would also be another few houses that may become practically uninhabitable as the aircraft would be much lower overhead. It’s not massive money or inconvenience though.

    If the airport management had any sense, they’d be purchasing these houses every time one of them came on the market anyway. They are going to need to acquire them at some point.

    I thought that Cork Airport was buying up all the houses that came up for sale in the past number of years.

    On a seperate note demolition has begun on Beasley Street off South Mall & Parnell Place including one of the facades onto Parnell place for a hotel development.

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    Spinal Tap

    @Pug wrote:

    Just to deviate the thread slightly

    Any thoughts on Kinsale roundabout? certainly struggling at the moment but to be fair lanes are closed and resurfacing is taking place. I havent driven it yet so am only going on hearsay but the freshly re laned roundabout I am told is worse than the last one.But I am willing to wait and see. I still wont take it in the morning to go in to the city until they finish it fully!

    Its fine so far but hard to judge until all the re-surfacing works are completed in 6 weeks.
    It has been a lot quicker for me heading home in the evenings through to Frankfield.

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    Spinal Tap

    As a Dub living in Cork and loving it I can now see that Dublin has all the hassles and stresses of a big city but very few of the conveniences i.e. cheap mass transit,affordable property and quality of life.
    I love Dublin but moving south has opened my eyes to its problems as its easy to get around Corks roads and get to West Cork or Kerry easily etc. I hope Corks planners learn from Dublins mistakes.
    The Dublin/Leinster area having a massive population in itself is’nt a great thing its just the sign of a successful economy but it means that more and more people demanding the same thingsproperty,transport,leisure etc.

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    Spinal Tap
    kite wrote:
    🙁 Apologies for going off topic but the loss of Roches Stores started me thinking what was lost to Cork over the years, and what replaced same.
    My top five would be]

    The Original Reardens Bar Washington Street now a massive “superpub”
    Egans Patrick Street now Jack & Jones
    The Launderette McCurtain St now a barbers.

    If we could only lose Singers Corner – what a neglected eyesore.

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    Spinal Tap

    @Radioactiveman wrote:

    Once again Malec, you have outdone yourself!

    I’m particularly glad to see the images of the Cornmarket Centre. Just gives you an idea of how close they’re excavating next to St.Pauls Church and those houses off Coal Quay…precision stuff (or not so precise since they made a wall fall down a few months ago 🙂
    Fabuloously quirky views of the City hall extension also with the School of Music in the background.

    Are Habitat taking the Paul St.church in the cornmarket Street development ?

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    Spinal Tap

    @rebel_city wrote:

    If you could – I’d love to see some pics of Lavits Quay – there’s alot of talk about it but I haven’t seen it in a good while. The Cornmarket Street development from the Tesco carpark view point might be a good one too! 😀 The last pic posted from that site was couple of months ago – it would be interesting to see what progree has been made! 😎

    AND – if you’re willing to walk to the Count Hall – perhaps you could get a few snaps of the Kingsley dev. and the latest from the Jurys site! :rolleyes:

    If you can make it to the City Hall car park and tak the lift to the top level take a few picks of the O’Flynn Construction Eglington St. site and the new City Council Offices.

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    Spinal Tap

    @X Boil wrote:

    It breaks your heart when you think of the infrastructure that existed 50 years ago – for example the Passage Railway… imagine a light railway coming in from Carrigaline and joining up with that line, which served Passage, Rochestown, Mahon, Blackrock and the docklands!

    Out of curiosity, on the Ballincollig side, are there any even remotely feasible routing options? The Straight Road??

    X B

    Not to mention the Tram network which even kept maintained as it was would be a tourist attraction in itself like Lisbon’s ,San Francisco’s and many former Soviet block eastern European states.

    Now they are going to have to re-build it as a modern system in the next 10 – 15 years and all in the super efficient hands of our politicians.

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    Spinal Tap

    @jungle wrote:

    The bus situation in Cork is crazy. In Edinburgh and Rotterdam I have been bussed to the terminal from less than 50m away, With the old terminal in Cork, you could walk from stand 16 to the terminal, which must have been a distance of several hundred metres. Having all those pedestrians wandering around is not condusive to smooth airfield operations anyway. The new terminal is at least a little more central to the stands, but a bus system should definitely be put in place.

    Appalling as had to walk from an Aer Aerann flight which I just arrived in on from Nantes yesterday which parked at the far end of the old terminal and had to walk all the way to the new terminal up 3 flights of stairs,a Ryanair flight just landed and ground staff were trying to steward people on such a long distance past hazards etc.The signage in the new terminal was not complete either and after getting our luggage we had to use the crappy old luggage trollies.Felt sorry for families with lots of kids who had to trek so far whilst lugging hand luggage as their kids tried to run up to the planes that had just landed.Whats the point of spending 160 million if you have to walk such distances ? Have our great unions scuppered the bus idea ? Just wait until the bad weather arrives.The new terminal is fine but when I travel by air I just want to get in and out of airports as quick as possible so how about spending a few euros on a few buses ?

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    Spinal Tap

    It looks a bit OTT allright and the single tiered section looks unfinished ah la Croke Park. I am amazed at the proposed capacity of only 50,000 when The Milenium stadium in Cardiff holds 75,000 and has a retractable roof.Demand for rugby & soccer tickets is always high in sports mad (viewing) Ireland.

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    Spinal Tap

    Speackin of antannae / dishes etc anyone notice the 2 sattelite dishes mounted on a pole on top of the newly refurbished County Hall ? Not much thought put into their location as they are a bit obvious and spoil the lines of the rooftop extension.

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    Spinal Tap

    Whats so interesting about the files on 6/7 Lapps Quay ?
    Reading between the lines on your “rant” I think that you are upset with a.Planners. b.Politicians c.Architects.d.Developers.

    Apart from a few generalisations could you be more specific about which developers / developments ?

    Compared to Dublin / Limerick / Galway and most of the UK Cork has escaped the worst of the building boom over the past 10 years and the central island area of the city is in good nick developing nicely apart from the obvious Merchants Quay / Bus Station and North Main St. shopping centre etc. eyesores.

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    Spinal Tap

    @phatman wrote:

    I saw it mentioned by someone else, and so had a look myself, but the new paving and railings being installed on Penrose Quay are fantastic, really look well, and would be great if expanded to other areas. Check it out, just down from Michael Collins Bridge.

    Yes they are great and really show up how bad the quays are treated in general with no pavements,car parked or very close to awful balustrading.A minimum of a 2 metre pavement with trees and seating should be provided on all our quays. Merchants Quay and Georges Quay are some of the worst and the quays around the School of Commerce full of cars parked head on into the Quays.
    We can only dream.

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    Spinal Tap

    O’Callaghan Properties have applied for changes to their retail park at Mahon Point to facilitate PC World & Currys at Units 5 & 6.

    Where is Lexington ?

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    Spinal Tap

    @Radioactiveman wrote:

    A very recent image of the new Cork School of Music.

    and an image of the finished project.
    “With an area of over 12,900 sq.m., will be the first purpose built building of its kind in Ireland, consisting of specialist tuition areas, rehearsal hall, live recording studio, drama suite and lecture rooms. The school was the first educational PPP project undertaken by the Irish Government.
    Forming its heart and rising up five storeys at the centre of the school is the concourse, providing circulation and visually connecting the many inter-related activities of the school.”

    Good to see this project making real progress given its disasterous start.

    Was there meant to be a new pedestrian bridge from the new SOM to the School of Commerce ?

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    Spinal Tap

    @Radioactiveman wrote:

    I’d always point visitors in the direction of The Cork Gaol in Sundays Well, the Museum in Fitzgerald park, the ogham corridor in UCC and St.Finbarres Cathedral. For a city the size of cork, I believe we have our fair share of visitor attractions. That being said, Spinal Tap has come up with a good Wish List for the city in terms of attractions. I’d add to that as follows:
    A national interactive science museum
    A national events centre

    Notice I said national. There is no reason why national institutions should not be based in Cork, or for that matter Limerick or Galway, etc. This government is determined to decentralise pen-pushers without decentralising any of the good stuff!
    Feel free to add to the list and we’ll come up with some sort of top 10.

    The current Government is going to get a big surprise in Cork at the next election I’d say as the second city does’nt get a major government department in decentralisation and I voted for them the last time !

    Cork Airport debt fiasco.
    1 airbridge farce.
    Broadband access.
    Delayed funding for school of music / Cork 2005.

    Killarney has beaten us to the National Events Centre and best of luck to them as they had the guts to do it whilst the second city procrastinates.

    4.2 million people in the country and the balance shifts even more to the east coast.

    Add to list of ideas for Cork and we will get a top ten.Innovation and feasability required i.e.something that is a success elsewhere and we could do with (not the usual Starbucks & H&M stuff ).

    Indoor winter sports centre

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    Spinal Tap

    @anto wrote:

    Very little in Cork, what about the English Market, an absolute gem that Dublin would love to have!!

    Mr & Mrs Spinal Tap picked up 2 Dutch tourists thumbing from Cobh to Cork on Saturday last and they were asking us what there was for tourists in Cork City.They had done the English market,Shandon,St.Finbarrs and the city centre area in a whole morning ! They loved Cork and thought it was a great city after 3 days in Dublin and being ripped off at Oxygen which was a dissapointment for them but there was nothing for them to do here and keep them in the city apart from bars and restaurants shops etc.We directed them to Kinsale,Clonakilty etc.

    Cork needs more visitor attractions :-

    Outdoor spaces / parks ah la Park Guell Barcelona
    City Quays under utilised for proper paving seating landscaping ( cars parked right up to river ) massive potential.
    Maritime Museum in the docklands.
    Indoor Aquarium similar to the one in La Rochell France
    Arts Museum / Venue like Gateshead or dare I say it Bilbao Guggenheim !
    Feel free to add to list

    Cork has the jobs,Population and wealth to support a vibrant arts and cultural scene but need to wake up to whats happening internationally in cities of a similar size across the rest of Europe.

    B.T.W. Are’nt the new railings at Penrose Quay great next to the new sculpture installation ? They make you realise how bad the railings are across the rest of the City’s quays.

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    Spinal Tap

    @Radioactiveman wrote:

    The fact Dunnes have two outlets in close proximity in Cork City is perfectly standard and is common around the world. The two outlets serve (at the moment) wildly different purposes. The redevelopment of its Patrick Street store and surrounding space will see the company push its image into the realms of Roches and Debenhams- with whom it really wants to compete, not its historical competitor Quinnsworth/Tesco.

    So, as one Cork retail giant makes even more progress, another looks set to disappear from the retail scene, and our major cities for good. Media reports this morning suggest that Debenhams are almost certain to acquire the lease of all of Roches Stores properties. This includes prime department stores in Waterford, Cork and Limerick amongst others.
    Roches move out of retail has been on the cards for many years, with the stores now merely a collection of individual third party retailers such as Topman, Pull and Bear, etc. ‘Roches’ has for a good many years been just a name over the door.

    Its unfortunate that another Irish Retail giant is to dissapear and it is also unfortunate that Patrick Street will become further cleansed of any link to Cork’s retail past. It makes the realisation of Dunnes’ Patrick Street development even more important.

    Its a pity to lose the indidgenous Cork retailers from our main streets as Dublin could now be Nottingham or Leeds with its “High” street Uk rertailers.We have very little in Cork city to attract tourists and a unique streetscape with local retailers is always something worth having.Roches move must have been on the cards for a long time as their Wilton store is stuck in 1978 !

    Personally I think that there are way too many Dunnes Stores around Cork.Asuperquin or a few more M&S would be a nice change.

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    Spinal Tap

    @phatman wrote:

    As regards, the airbridges in Cork airport, I seem to have lost track, but weren’t we told that at least one, if not two, of the initially proposed three were being scrapped? Because it looks like all three were built in this image…

    And by the way, just noticed it in the background there, but anyone agree if I suggested the great southern hotel is the most boring building ever? Looks like a fecking barn, really crap if I might say so.

    There will be only 1No. Airbridge to the new terminal – thats the one nearest the existing terminal.However the walkways were constructed for all 3No. airbridges – Only in Ireland !

    The G.S. Hotel is very poor and complete under utilisation of the site – It looks like a corporate design to suit any site anywhere.

    B.T.W. It has been a concensus for a long time now that Merchants Quay Shopping centre is the most boring building ever.:)

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