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    kite wrote:
    That type of shoddy work is a disgrace.
    The trouble is that nobody in City Hall gives a damm. The City Manager himself allowed the destruction of the historic paving outside City Hall]

    You would think that all of the paving used on Patricks St. before the Beth Gali job would have been stored away for repairs etc for other areas of the city ?

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    Spinal Tap

    Dublin City – pop.505,739 (2006 census)
    Dublin metro – pop 1.6 million (estimataed by CSO to reach 2.1 million by 2021)

    Thats why we have moved to Cork from Dublin.
    60,000 people trying to walk Dun Laoighre Pier or the Vico Road on a Sunday when in 25 – 35mins we could be in Kinsale or Inchydoney beach.


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    Spinal Tap

    @mickeydocs wrote:

    This is an interesting article as I didn’t realize the County Hall is 8 metres higher than Liberty Hall: http://www.theelysian.ie/Enter/Publicity/Default.aspx?img=HatsOff.jpg&pdf=HatsOff.jpg

    I paid a visit to Belfast recently, and one really has the impression that Belfast is a larger city than Dublin.
    How come Belfast has a much more interesting skyline than Dublin. Why is Dublin so bland compared to other cities of similar size such as Liverpool and Manchester (although Greater Manchester claims a population of 3.5 million)?

    Belfast seems bigger allright as Dublin needs to pedestrianise College Green etc for more open space.
    I worked on some of the original Dudlin Docklands in the mid-90’s and the lack of ambition there has given us a bland waterfront.

    Massive missed opportunity which we will have to live with for a long time.

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    Spinal Tap

    @damnedarchitect wrote:

    There is an argument Cork people use. It is somewhat like the one used by creationists against evolution.

    It goes a little like this:

    Dublin is crap, therefore by default Cork is great. QED.

    No joy folks, I’m afraid.

    Exactly a voice of reason at last.

    Maybe the are both Crap and Waterford is great !:D

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    Spinal Tap

    @darkman wrote:

    Arrogant? Me thinks your a troll. Give up the trolling – its sad…

    Oh and yes you have a very big chip on your shoulder. Your in denial….


    This is juvenile.The argument of who has the “bestest” city is stupid.

    As a Dub who is living in Cork for 4 years I would’nt dream of moving back (or be able to afford probably)
    Living in Cork is like a working holiday,West Cork on your doorstep,Kerry and the coast/harbour nearby always.
    Kinsale 25mins away.Cork feels right for me right now and if there is some gis/match on just get the train or Ryanair.I love Dublin but it has all the hassles and very few of the conveniences of a big city.

    Not for me.

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    Spinal Tap

    @Angry Rebel wrote:

    It would seem they are also entitled to a full voyuers view of whoever lives in the apartments as well!


    Will the be allowed to hang washing out the windows ?

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    Spinal Tap

    @who_me wrote:

    There is (or at least, was) a great view of the ‘Northern Ridge’ as you come in along the link road into the city centre, does anyone know if either the tower or the main block will obscure this?

    The tower will have clear planar glazing from floors 10 to 17 throughout so that motorists on the South Link can view the North Ridge.Remember everyone in Cork is entitled to an uninterrupted view of St.Finbarrs Cathedral and Shandon.

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    Spinal Tap

    @darkman wrote:

    For a city the size of Cork that looks quite impressive. They dont seem to be working particulaly fast on it though. It will be interesting to see what the facade looks like when its finished. If its majority glass that tends to give the illusion of extra height. Hope the facade is nice.

    “Fast on it enough” ?

    Its literally flyimg up !

    They have commenced the curtain walling and the other blocks are coming up at the base.

    It started after Cornmarket St. shopping centre and probably be finished before it !

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    Spinal Tap

    @Radioactiveman wrote:

    Christian Brothers School on Sullivan’s Quay is for sale. It closed last year.
    Should be prime redevelopment site, although it’s unlikely planners will allow the demolition of the buildings on site.
    Good location next to South Gate Bridge and across the river from some massive redevelopment sites at the Central Library and the “Citi-Park”.

    A report on the potential merger of two Cork City hospitals is due within the next two weeks. Mercy and South Infirmary hospitals are considering merging on a new “greenfield” site to allow development of both hospitals and to free up their valuable City Centre sites. Greenfield sites at Blarney and Sarsfield Court are being mentioned, as well as a “brownfield” site at the docklands. One has to wonder about the value of a hospital which is remote from the bulk of population.

    Sullivans Quay is quite a large site going right back to Cove St.What is happening with the city car park site which has been dormant for the past 2+ years.

    What is the point of the Mercy moving after spending a fortune on it ? Would the existing newer facility end up as a private clinic ?

    Anyone taking bets that the Elysian tower will be complete before Cornmarket St.Shopping Centre ?

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    Spinal Tap

    @samuel j wrote:

    Once Port of Cork, move essentially all commercial traffic will move to Ringaskiddy, vessels loading/discharging will not need to go upriver so far.

    However one still may get smaller Cruise vessels, courtesy visits by Naval vessels, training ships etc. so
    would think that there will always be some need to gain access to these section of quay where one has
    deep/usuable berths.

    Take the Toll Bridge in Dublin, the bulk of traffic is down river on Alexandra Road etc. but you still do see a small amount of traffic going upriver, be they masted pleasure craft or anything with the airdraught that neccessiates a bridge lift.

    In longterm for the city, albeit for more Tourism related traffic it would be unwise to have the Cork upriver quays un-navigable.

    Well the can only go as far as the Custom House anyway.

    Any plans to replace the Bruian Boru & Clontarf WW2 temporary bridges with their rotting superstructure.

    They are looking really bad these days.

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    Spinal Tap

    @THE_Chris wrote:

    I presume thats a raising bridge or the boat is trapped 😀

    TBH Im not keen on it. Looks like a giant seagull.

    It looks like its a rotating both sides on those black shaped supports on either side above the waterline.
    Its poor enough IMO.

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    Spinal Tap

    11 May 2007

    Origin Enterprises set to submit docklands redevelopment plan

    By Niamh Hennessy
    A MULTI-million euro plan for a major retail and residential development in a key location on Cork city’s docklands will soon be submitted to Cork City Council.

    Origin Enterprises, a subsidiary of convenience food group IAWS, owns a 30-acre site worth an estimated €180 million on the south-side of the docklands. The area in question is about twice the size of the Dundrum shopping centre in Dublin.

    By August the company will have submitted plans for the development of a key location — the frontage of its animal feed company R&H Hall — on Albert Road Origin chief executive Tom O’Mahony confirmed last night. He said the plans are for a mixture of residential and retail development.

    “We are working very closely with Cork City Council who have been wonderful in helping to push the docklands development forward.

    “To drive the development on we are waiting for the publication of the Local Area Plan, which will determine everything we need to know.”

    Last year Origin submitted a master plan to Cork City Council, outlining the company’s vision for the docklands. They are also working closely on developments with architects and other landowners.

    Once they have seen the South Docs Local Area Plan (LAP), Origin will make a decision about the relocation of their business, which they say is key to driving the project on.

    “We would certainly have a target of relocating our activities over a three to five year period,” said Mr O’Mahony.

    The delayed South Docks LAP was expected to come before Cork City Council on Monday but officials have decided to wait until after the General Election for its publication.

    The South Docks LAP is a crucial part of the overall docklands redevelopment and will include residential, commercial and educational aspects.

    It includes the stretch of docklands from the Atlantic Pond to Albert Street.

    Last week IAWS listed its Origin subsidiary on the IEX market in Dublin and the AIM in London.

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    Spinal Tap

    @pleanala wrote:

    Why are they a farce? Is a light rail service economically viable for Cork? I know it’s technically possible but will the service have enough daily demand to dictate that fares will remain low and thus that people will use the service? If i’m not mistaken a light rail system costs in the region of €1 million per km. of track…is Cork big enough to justifly this level of capital expenditure?

    Will demand be high enough for a light rail system that goes from Mahon Point to CIT? The bulk of students live within walking / cycling distance of both UCC and CIT and Mahon Point doesn’t attract the level of shoppers that it hoped it would? People also seem to be working in either the Harbour area or Airport Business Park, where all the high-end jobs in Cork seem to be locating.

    I’m not arguing against light rail for Cork, all i’m looking for is arguments which justify the system?

    Cork actually had an extensive light rail and tram system.

    Possibly only 1 line would be viable at first.With Carrigaline and the Northside initially losing out on a LUAS type system.

    Rochestown,Douglas,Mahon Point,Blackrock/Docklands – City Centre – U.C.C.,Victoria Cross,Dennehys Cross,C.U.H.Wilton,Bishopstown,C.I.T. Ballincollig East,Ballincollig West,

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    Spinal Tap

    @darkman”]LOL! Not one but two 20m towers <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/eek.gif" alt= wrote:

    This is like the Stonehenge Sketch……………………..

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    Spinal Tap

    @Pug wrote:

    Lack of public transport – never stopped a development yet.

    Lack of parking – can be built into the 30 acres somewhere

    Hotel/retaurant/bar can be built in it

    roads infrastructure – shuttle bus to south link road which then gives access to tunnel, airport, the east, the west.

    I only threw the suggestion out there, the bottleneck in the road by Pairc Ui Rinn would prob cause grief alright.

    True on the transport front ! Our buses stop at 11.15pm.Unless this much promised Luas for Cork heads through Blackrock via the Docklands.

    Maybe a bit too far from the City Centre core to suit but the old Munster Showgrounds may be a slightly better location with a redeveloped Pairc Ui Chaiomh with a hotel etc with direct access along the marina.

    I wonder what Owen O’Callaghan has planned for his Mahon Point Event Centre Site ?

    Expand Centre and link in somehow ?

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    Spinal Tap

    @Pug wrote:

    What are the odds on a conference centre appearing there

    Lack of public transport options.

    Lack of parking.

    Largly residential area.

    Lack of Hotel/restaurant/bar facilities.

    Roads infrastructure.

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    Spinal Tap

    @CasaNova wrote:

    @kite wrote:

    What does ‘maximise the potential of the river to the city’ entail? The design looks nice

    Ah the “River” that ignored stretch or waterways that defines Cork city ignored by planners and developers alike.
    See Merchants Quay and North Main St Shopping centres,Port of Cork Buildings behind the custom house falling down as their yards are used as a car park.No pavements,Seating,Trees at Georges Quay and Batchelors Quay amongst others,Cars parked right up to the Quay at the School of Commerce,dilapadated lighting at Patricks bridge,rotten balustrading and handrails,
    The potential for Cork is the south facing stretch in front of the Clarion Hotel etc. compared to the mess in front of the Lapps Quay development.

    Should we send the councillors on a few junkets to Bruge,Amsterdam or Hamburg to show them how a river(s) through a city centre works ?

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    Spinal Tap

    I know that there are a lot of “Poles” in Ireland but this is ridiculous.

    The ammount of unused defunct poles,bollards & signs that are hazards throughout our cities and towns is gettng out of hand especially in Dublin & Cork.

    There should be some serious thought put into the positioning and graphics of signage in this country.

    Send our councillors off on another junket to France or Germany by car maybe?


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    Spinal Tap

    @Pug wrote:

    yep, most of those things were already announced or are already happening, shows Cork getting nothing from FF for next 7 years, what they missed out on was

    1. Project team for pre planning and fast tracking of docklands
    2. Tram or massive increase in bus frequency from pivotal points like ballincollig, douglas, Ballyvolane, Glanmire, Passage, carrigaline (current service here about 1 an hour and thats on peak times on saturdays)
    3. The N28 road has been announced numerous times and as per presentation to the carrigaline area committee recently, wont start at the least until 2009 if all goes well and wouldnt finsh therefore until 2011 – thats 5 years more waiting in the most car dependant town in Ireland
    4. Announcement on how the govt intend to pay for the debt they promised to take over re cork airport
    5. Funding to change kent Station towards the quays
    6. Broadband mentioned a lot, big dependance on the Metropolitan Area Networks being finished, some not even started yet
    7. Bus funding for nightlinks
    8. Project team and funding for redevelopment of Pairc Ui Caoimh into multi sport 35-50,000 seater stadium

    and many more

    Well soon they will be calling at our doors looking for votes – mention any of the above and get the usual bewildering answer from our esteemed representatives.

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    Spinal Tap

    @A-ha wrote:

    T’would make sense alright. I hope to God its true, although they’ll probably bring in a new law weeks before it’s completion saying the CAA will have to pay the bill. Oh, and what is with Flyglobespan starting flights to New York from Knock! It’s a stopover point for the Liverpool-JFK flight begining in May (I think). Cork looses out again.

    Knock gets Trans Atlantic Flights.

    Limerick gets Thomond Park & UL Sports Campus ,events centre etc.

    Dublin gets Commuter Rail,Luas & Metro.

    Killarney the NationalEvents Centre.

    Cork gets 1 airbridge (partially unused),Half arsed refurbishments of Bus and Rail Stations,South Ring Flyovers,and North Ring & Macroom by-pass on long finger along with Docklands inertia.
    Tolls on the Fermoy by-pass.
    Best of luck to Knock and other areas of the country for getting things done.

    Watch the new NDP – Everywhere will be a “development centre” or a “hub”.

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