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  • in reply to: Fast-Track Infrastructure legislation #767021
    Sean Carney

    This is very good news for Dublin and it surronding area.
    This legislation has no bearing or is of no benefit to the West of Ireland as “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS INFRASTRUCTURE HERE”.
    The West of Ireland still has, and uses, 1800’s roads and rail.
    In the 1800’s it did have an Infrastructure, many double rail lines to all parts of the region. Now it has two single track rail lines going to the same place.
    The roads here where built in the 1800’s, so suitable for them times, but are a hinderance in the 21st century.
    The only roads built in this region since the 1800’s total approx 30 miles, plus these are not high quality or safe roads and badly planned.
    Total spent, approx €60m, since the 19th century!
    By far the majority of all National Routes cannot take modern vehicles as they where designed for non mechanical vehicles.
    On these roads two Lorrys have to come to a stop just to pass by each other, and with great difficulty.
    As a poor, improvrised nation the West of Ireland got more than it does now been part of a wealthy nation!
    It was an objective one area and recieved billions in aid but has not recieved a penny of this money.
    Look at other objective one areas in Europe and see what has been achieved with less aid than the West of Ireland got, notably Valenica City and Region in Spain as one example.
    In Western Europe today there is nowhere to compare to the West of Ireland, it has been totally neglected and left behind, and this is getting worse, not better the richer we become.
    Simply it is the only region in Western Europe with 3rd world infrastructure.
    And to show the contempt this government and every Irish government has to this region since the foundation of the state, one of many examples is the Castlebar to Westport road.
    This is the most congested section of road in Co. Mayo. it is a very dangerous road which has had many fatalities and which again was built in the 19th century.
    20yrs ago they planned a new road, since then no money has been given.
    Under the jokingly named NATIONAL???? DEVELOPMENT PLAN the road was to be completed in 2004.
    It recieved nothing and the local Authority has to wait, (from the NRA), until “at least” 2015 MAYBE!
    By then the two laned road planned will not be able to cope with the increase in traffic!
    Simply the West of Ireland should be governed by the European Union for approx the next 20 years until it has 21st century infrastructure and services.
    There should also be a National Enquiry to investigate where these Billions of Euros have gone, and this investigation should also involve the European Parliment and its courts.
    It is simply a national scandal that a people and its governments should allow part of its own country to end up in a mess like it now is.
    Foreign Aid budget from the Irish Government totals 1.5bn Euros a year, total spent in the West of Ireland well, a fraction of that, therefore people in Africa recieve more from the so called Irish Government than a region of its own country!!!!!!!!
    Only intelligent people who are willing to discuss this matter in an informative and intelligent way reply please.

    in reply to: Motorways in Ireland #756172
    Sean Carney

    Just to ammend your heading. It is not “Motorways in ireland”, it is “Motorways, Dublin and its Hinterland”.
    There are no motorways anywhere else in The Irish Republic and never will be and none are planned.

    in reply to: New Dublin Outer Ring Road #750757
    Sean Carney

    Madness, London one ring road, Dublin two, my goodness, the irish can not plan a country to save there lives.
    I’m Irish but seem to be the only one with common sense and the only one who can see what the real problem is.
    If you put everything belonging to a country into one city what do you get, problems, easy.
    Decentralise, not just a few government departments, that is not decentralisation.
    Use this money to construct a new capital, move judicial services to another city, move legislative services to another, build regional parliments/assemblies.
    That will solve Dublins traffic problems, congestion, overcrowding, encourage people to move to other parts of Ireland.
    Bottom line, u Dubliners wanted everything, you got everything, now live with the conciquences and shut up complaining.
    If you bought a five bedroomed house and put everything into the living room and then complained about how cramped the living room was, would this make sense.
    Then you came along and built a second door into the living room because you could not enter due to everything being cramped in there, would this make sense, well this is Ireland!
    What you do is spread things around the entire house, common sense.

    Wake up Ireland, if you want an example of this look to New Zealand and stop making excuses.

    in reply to: Letterkenny Town Centre #750983
    Sean Carney

    Very nice development I think. The scale is just about right for a town of Letterkennys size, would be nice to see more of this type of bright, modern architecture in ireland, it shows some ambition.
    But of course all it gets from you lot is negativity, just like any new proposed development outside of Dublin.
    Would not like to invite you all to a party, you would be the most pesamistic, depression bunch of people there. Show some enthuiasm, exuse my spelling!

    in reply to: 27 storey tower for Drogheda #749754
    Sean Carney

    Very, very nice, of course those of you from dublin are being critical and negative about it, as you are with any development outside of dublin. Envy, the though of somewhere else in ireland getting something really does seem to piss you of, dublin and its people are like spoilt children, given whatever they want when they want it, no expence spared, and as for the rest of ireland, well!

    in reply to: Sligo #744132
    Sean Carney

    I have seen the plans actually, i am working with the guy who owns the site and who is developing it. I have seen all the plans and I think it is a very nicely designed development. It will incorporate a new pedestrian bridge across the river and a 13 floor residental tower.

    in reply to: Roads #745311
    Sean Carney

    Well Fin if you want to be dictator you’re going to have to fight me for the right. That’s what this country could really do with, a “Good” dictator. I think we will have to meet for a dual to the right, let’s say noon in Eyre Square, if it’s finished:)
    Or we could possibly get together and start a new party, would be the more logical approach.

    in reply to: Roads #745309
    Sean Carney

    FIN, maybe you can explain something to me. On the NRA website under “Major National Road Schemes in Planning”, it lists the roads planned to be constructed. On the left heading it shows “Route” and underneath it has “(N/M)” followed by numbers from 2 upwards, what does this mean. Also it states two road types, Standard two lane and Wide two lane. I thought there was just one type of two lane, you know, one lane each way with a hard shoulder each side?
    Can you explain.
    Also they seem to have down graded the Tuam bypass from dual carraigeway to two lane only.

    in reply to: Dublin&Belfast Olympics! #745365
    Sean Carney

    Mickeydocs, i like what you said and well put.
    When you say the whole nation I hope you mean the whole nation. Hopefully some day somebody will realise that there is a country to run here not just one city. Every body from Jim in Kerry to Paul in Donegal deserve to have the same standard of facilities, infraustructure as the East coast currently has.
    If we can achieve this we can have a “whole” country to be proud of.

    in reply to: Roads #745307
    Sean Carney

    FIN, in reply to your comment on the Loughrea bypass, I have been thinking just the same thing for quite a while and I totally agree with you, but I have come to my own conclusion as to why it is being built.
    First of all the proposed dual carraigeway/motorway can only be built once the proposed Galway City outer bypass is completed as the new motorway will not join onto the Oranmore dual carraigeway, it will be attached to the outer bypass futher north of the city.
    Secondly the motorway is being built from Dublin outwords thus they are just reaching Kinnegad. They will then build from Kinnegad to Athlone, Athlone to Ballinsloe and then Ballinasloe to Galway City.
    As it takes a ridiculous 4 years to build a stretch of motorway, (which could be build in half the time if they pulled there finger out), the time it reaches Galway could be 10 years from now!
    So in one way it makes sense for the Loughrea bypass to be built as the motorway is a long way from being finished.
    Also to be realistic if it was to be done properly the Galway City to Tuam dual carraigeway, (proposed), would also have to be built as it also will join onto the Galway city outer bypass.
    It would of made more sense to have put the money towards the City outer bypass but eh people in authority seem to have to be thick to get the job in the first place.
    Also to me, this just again shows the utter contempt so called Irish governments have towards the West of Ireland, Galway, Roscommon and Mayo definately.
    When is the last time you heard of a national road being built in Galway County/City?, it is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, strange mmmm.
    Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Dublin, Sligo etc all have bypasses, or are constructing bypasses but one is only just proposed for Galway City.
    Also dual carraigeways are proposed for Tuam, (bypass), Tuam to Galway City and Galway City to Gort but they have never been built and don,t look like there going to be built for a long, long time.
    I could be totally wrong about this but from studying this is the conclusion I personnaly have come up with.
    I have either added 1 and 1 and come up with two or added one and one and come up with seven, we will have to wait and see, a long wait I think 🙂

    in reply to: Dublin&Belfast Olympics! #745359
    Sean Carney

    If by a very outside chance Ireland wanted to apply for the Olympics one day, why not make it a Rep of Ireland Olympics.
    Belfast is part of the U.K!
    Stadiums and facilities should be spread around the country thus leaving a legacy of good sporting facilities all over the country that would benefit all.
    This should be happening anyway but in reality it is not of course.
    The Olympics in Atlanta where not just held in Atlanta they where spread around Georgia in other cities like Birmingham.
    Ireland is only a small country and it would make much more sense to do this.
    Anyway why do we have to share everything with Belfast, it is not even part of this country, why are Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford left out, they are the cities of this country.
    Kind of like a German applying for the Olympics and sharing it with Warsaw, does that make sense?

    in reply to: Roads #745298
    Sean Carney

    Well Jil my friend, I could also say what has the luas got to do with architecture, mmm!
    Also Fedralism would benefit everywhere in Ireland including Dublin.


    in reply to: Decentralisation – the end…? #744201
    Sean Carney

    Of course everone seems to be so concerned about the effect decentralisation will have on Dublin, but no quote on the positive impact it will have on other cities and towns.
    The Dublin attitude is we want it all and you do have it all, and you can’t seem to stand seeing somewhere else in Ireland get anything.
    As for not wanting to move, we are all Irish, this country belongs to everyone including Dubliners and you are just the same as a person from Galway, Clonmel etc etc.
    Stop talking down about everybody and every place outside of Dublin, it is bloody narrowminded.
    As for the advise given to the Government to make a new capital, of course this was dismissed as been stupid by Dubliners, the lime light might be taken away from them and somewhere else might get some attention.
    Has Canberra effected Sydneys or Melbournes prosperity, no, Brazillia-Rio, Sao Paulo, no, Washington-New York ,no, Wellington-Auckland, no, Pretoria-Johannesburg, Cape Town, no.
    Enough Said.
    Down with stuck up, greedy, narrowminded and biased Dublin people.


    in reply to: Metropolis, ah ah, ??????? #744154
    Sean Carney

    Eh everyone take a deep breath and chill out :). “U” all acting like u a bunch of snobs here. I’m an intelligent person but I don’t need to critisice, (spelling probably wrong, I think I may be Dyslexic???? spelling please)
    We talking on a forum here not writing out a report.
    Anyway I heard it said that once you go above 6 floors the cost of the development rises?
    Also here in Castlebar there has been a lot of retail development lately and I believe when town/city centres developing retail space the top floors should have apartments, thus giving life to the streets and espically after midnight the place would not go dead, can you see where I coming from. I think all these apartments should have balconies overlooking the street.

    in reply to: Decentralisation – the end…? #744172
    Sean Carney

    I’m not a big fan of the major parties espically Fianna Fail, although they seem to be the only ones that make anything happen.
    However I am/was a fan of Mc Greevys, I though him a good finance minister, was not too quick to go out borrowing which is very tempting for any finance minister, kept the purse strings tight, respected that.
    Also believe he gave all he could to the health service etc but this money has been mismanaged, that is where the problems are, the NRA etc.

    in reply to: Metropolis, ah ah, ??????? #744146
    Sean Carney

    I did not once but a few times hear that O Connell St in Dublin was refered to as the widest street in the world, was actually said on a RTE programme a while back, fact.
    Secondly I am not a narrowminded person, just because I misjudged the defination, the world ain’t going to fall apart over it. I’ve learned something, is that not what forums are about apart from other things like giving “YOUR OPINION”, i have my own mind and a right to agreee, disagree and give an opinion if it’s liked or not?
    I am a controversial character and this may show on my replys, u just going to have to get used to it.
    Also my spelling ain’t great because I be at work and quickly log on to read or reply so I don’t have a chance to go over everything.
    Sorry, I can’t be perfect like all the rest of you as I am only human.

    Thanking You.


    🙂 That ones really going to get up your noses.

    in reply to: Dublin Metropolis – Artist’s Impression #741162
    Sean Carney

    Thank you for pointing out the defination of “Metroplis”, my mistake.
    When you say that if I have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all I just want to verify that when it comes to anything being developed outside of Dublin it seems to be alright to criticise and to put down.
    Also I no longer live in Cardiff I live in Ireland where by the way I grew up.
    I have travelled a bit so have taken my experiences of different citites with me.
    Thank You.

    P.S: I will have to update my profile.

    in reply to: Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture #744157
    Sean Carney

    Recently purchased a very interesting book called “The Paidon Encylopedia of Modern Contempory Architecture” It’s a bloody big book, 800 pages with pictures and plans of low and high rise modern Architecture from all around the world, including examples of work in Ireland.
    Bought it in “The Kenny Gallery and Bookshop” in Galway, highly recomended, cost 150 euros but worth every penny, a real collectors item.

    in reply to: Dublin Metropolis – Artist’s Impression #741155
    Sean Carney

    Dublin a Metroplis, who the hell came up with that?. A Metroplis?. I can’t get my head around that one, DUBLIN IS A SMALL CITY, understand. Tokyo, Paris, London, Cairo, Sao Paulo, Mexico Ciy, Beijing, Shangai, Manilla, Jakarta, New York etc etc are metropolises not Dublin, ah ah what a joke, the people who say this have never been outside of Dublin or they are just plain ignorant or stupid, or got delusions of grandure.
    Ive heard O,Connell street is the widest street in the world, give me a break, far from it.
    What next, the only city with trams, the only city with an airport, the only city with a tunnell, I could go on but I won’t.
    Wake up and educate yourself about the world and broaden them narrow little minds of yours.
    Thank You.

    Sean Carney

    Half the words like boreen I don’t understand. Been narrow minded, I am not, quite the opposite. I am not against Dublin or it’s people, I would simply like to see a fair spread of the wealth and resources within the country. Other countries can do it, why not us. Living outside Dublin you really get to see and realise how far behind it is on infraustructure etc. Would the people of Dublin not like to have other cities in Ireland that are developed and cosmopolitan. Not everyone travels to Dublin. I travel down the west side of Ireland to Galway, Limerick, Sligo and the roads and public transport are terrible. Cork, Limerick and Galway are our other main population centres and thus should be linked by good roads etc, after all it is the year 2004. Come and live in the west of Ireland, which I have done and you will see and realise what I mean. It is so obivious you would need to be blind or just pig ignorant not to notice it. Thank you………

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