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  • in reply to: Parnell Square redevelopment #751069

    i don’t think i’ve ever really seen any of parnell square apart from the g o r

    in reply to: Mr MacCabe and his flowerbeds #748681

    ok, good point

    then why has front garden merrion square opened to the public and front garden st stephens green opened how are they different?

    in reply to: Mr MacCabe and his flowerbeds #748674

    but what does he want as an alternative?

    fitxwilliam park was closed to the public because peasents couldn’t be trusted to use the park properly does macabe still hold that view ?

    young local residents just hope over the fence when they want to use the place, why pay a fee for a key?

    in reply to: Stack A #720456

    wow that looks unusual that the arch thats already there, i wonder if they really would have busses driving around it? i preusme that use to have practical use?

    in reply to: Bewleys #748113

    … sorry if this was already posted.. but when was the building built was it built for Bewleys?

    when someone says Save Bewleys i think of a Coffee Company…. if some said to me save the internal and external fabric of the building on Grafton street which houses Bewleys cafe i’d be a bit more interested…?

    in reply to: Luas Connolly Station latest images #745803

    i think this was mentioned before but i still don’t quite understand how these were designed with such thick poles? which now seemed it got an even thicker cladding around the vertical ones…

    i thought it would have only looked right with slender poles supporting the canopies

    in reply to: Roddy Doyle’s Dublin #745795

    i thought we were traditionally compared to greece with in european terms are we too good for them now:)

    in reply to: former cinemas of ireland #716299

    saw this


    A photographic display with explanatory notes
    presenting cinemas from the early days to today
    [new exhibition ]
    Mon 6 -Fri 10 September 9.00am -5.00pm
    Venue:Venue:Town Hall,Marine Road,D¨²n

    here heritage week brouchure$FILE/HW_Dublin_6=9=04.pdf

    page 43

    theres a few other interesting tours etc

    em shoud be interesting that, i recently saw a picture of this cinema they had built on the median of oconnell bridge for the great exhibition or something, mad!

    ps what ya reckon to new york on o connel street?


    and the reason for “Drugs & Whores” ?

    so who’s worse the owner who sets the building on fire or a squatter who lives in it?

    in reply to: Selling Architecture to students. #745616

    what was the previous thread lemon?

    architectures of the future you too can make a jurys 🙂

    in reply to: Chapelizod #745426

    what is with these council sites why do they always have their docs as pics ever heard of pdf so we could actually read hte text view the pics properly?

    in reply to: O’ Connell Street, Dublin #728508

    “plate to stop birds.”

    whats meant by this ?

    The sword of Patriotism is broken…. ?

    oh dear

    in reply to: O’ Connell Street, Dublin #728498

    is he too big?

    my fav statue that?

    in reply to: Dublin&Belfast Olympics! #745349

    reminds us how euro2008 is going?

    in reply to: Beamish’s contempt for Cork #745101

    the only reaon they invited you there was to tell you to shut the site, i have to agree with everyone else the wings look as they should.. i presume “a lick of paint” was only a phrase

    the back looks terrible is it seen?

    well done i guess keep it up

    in reply to: moore street #734859

    ill acknowledge the fact that areas change in occupancy over time and back again but isn’t it, in all cases, the owners and local authorities that dictate the movements, don’t want to go too off topic but for beautiful redevelopment for the olympic see this

    well if the roof helps to define it as a market area and help it be not just a continuance of henry street then thats no bad thing…

    i presume the area knocked down was just a storage/delivery area for the ilac/markets?

    whats going in its place?

    i haven’t seen the plans for the ilac in long time any recent links?

    in reply to: moore street #734852

    of the course the other reasons napoleon straightened the streets was so in riots against him he soldiers could have a straigh line to shoot down protestors….

    ya know these things happen really!

    theres nothing wrong with middle class
    and theoretically im a criminal….

    anyway back to the point im not against redevelopement of the street or keeping it as some sort of museum peace it is a functionaly palce now jsut needs a good clean up!

    in reply to: Car free districts #745062

    who’s yerself

    how did you come across this idea…

    what did the council say…

    i had a bit of trouble finding more pics of other examples any good links?

    in reply to: moore street #734848

    although i can see where you are coming from, they spent way too much time with the one guy…

    i viewed the same documenatry in a very different way…

    heart of aul Dublin, or as the capital’s own melting pot of cultures.

    – i would reckon the the that moore street is the most culturally and ethnically diverse 100 sq metres in ireland, i don’t know how you could say anything other….

    It appeared most of the traders on the street were not in the slightest bit phased with the idea of the place being practically razed to the ground

    the weren’t not phased just resigned to the fact, they probably been hearing promises for years… and felt it was inevitable

    – some expressed concerns with it becoming a cappuccino Mecca with the eventual exclusion of themselves,

    -yes, yes they did and that is not a good thing even for cappuchino drinkers

    but most welcomed the idea of redevelopment and in fact continuously complained about the CC allowing the street fall into its current state and the blatent lack of progress on the ground.

    -yes, they were infering that the council had purposely let the place go… and this had been hurting their business, they would have hoped for refurbishment over the years not knocking it all down…

    Also the few multi-cultural establishments on the street can hardly be described as forming the city’s ‘alternative quarter’ – rather these poorly maintained stores have emerged simply because the rents on the street are so low because no one else in their right mind will invest in the place.

    -cos they were waiting for the council to run the place down so they could buy cheap sell high….

    In contrast to those trading on the street, these shops are concerned that any redevelopment will immediately force them out as rents will go through the roof.

    -and the people the own the shops featured the grocer and the chinese restaurant they are (small) hard-nosed business men but i still would prefer to see a one branch chinese restaurant rather then have replaced by mcdonalds and and asian food market rather then another spar….

    woudnt you?

    Certainly the romanticism of the traders is well gone, some of those interviewed would give up the job in the morning if they could –

    -who said that on the vid?

    and all were conveyed as hard-nosed business people determined not to give anything away or even haggle etc.

    they were sayin that the asian and african people were haggling too much… beyond there normal haggling procedures… and as you saw from the video the langauge barrier was also causing them frustrations

    Also there was no ‘we’ve been on this plot for 5 generations now’ – rather the numbers trading has decreased substantially in recent times.

    -because the street has been run down cos the council wouldn’t keep it up…

    So whereas those who are left must be accommodated in the new scheme, I think the idea of sustaining the ‘atmosphere’ and ‘feel’ of the place, and maintaining ‘old Dublin’ in the plan really isn’t practical, simply because it doesn’t exist anymore.

    -you could see there was some racial tension between the old ones and the recent or not so recent arrivals, if you looking for the 1950’s moore street no it isn’t there anymore but a new moore street has developed in the last tenish years by accident…. which is just as valid…

    Saying that, incorporating the decent Victorians there is essential, being just about the only aspect of the street from its heyday that survives.

    -what y reckon about the “the rising last stand house” im not sure about it myself 🙂

    The idea of some designated affordable units for well maintained alternative stores is also an attractive option, if possible – not least to save the place from total ‘mainstreamisation’.

    -but you’ve just give the council reason enough not to do that at all…?

    btw theres an ame for this sorta thing its called gentrification

    i wouldt expect ya to agree totally with my points but i think things like this building of jurys on parnell street has far more reaching implicatiosn then just bad architecture….

    in reply to: Gilbert Library Extension #744708

    its abit strange outside
    but inside its gorgeous, downstairs and stari reading room done in white plaster…
    the part with the window is cafe i think

    its surprising to go down the street which is extremly dowdy and then see this huge grand yellow building

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