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      Hi folks,
      A few months ago i started a post on architecure & words & got a great response. i would now like to develop that thread I’m very interested in the words are used to entice students & How well do schools of architecture market their courses?
      How well do architectal course directors describe what students can expect to gain from doing architecuture, do the irish schools & the riai actually do the subject & profession justice?
      Im particulary interested in the words used to sell the subject,bearing in mind the recent press which suggesed the architects & plain english or language are alien to one another. Im lasking the question how well do architects appeal to the unitiated
      ie those who are interested in architecture but who are “outside “the profession.
      I liketo hear ideas/ suggestions on how to develop this topic a bit more.
      Please advise on reading material on the subject

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      what was the previous thread lemon?

      architectures of the future you too can make a jurys 🙂

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      It was posted around march or april. it was on architecture & words, sorry i cant find the link.

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      Craig Davis

      originally posted by ze lemon i would now like to develop that thread I’m very interested in the words are used to entice students

      I’ve found that the following do it for a lot of students: ‘one of the professions’, ‘prestige’, ‘high points’ on the leaving cert & ‘high salary’

      Also a common one I’ve heard directed towards architectural technology students working summer jobs in offices from architects; so you don’t want to be just be a techie all your life, do you?

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      Thanks for replying Mr “Uk garage sensation” however i guess im more interested in how the activites within the school of architecure are sold,
      what actually goes on that allows a layperson enter an instituition & five years later leave that instiution as an Architect??
      What description/ words sum(s) up of the process of becoming an architect??
      im really talking about your opinions on prospectuses, how acurate do you think they were?? Were they helpful in creating expectations & were those expectations met??

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      Originally posted by Craig Davis
      ‘high salary’


      I was sold on it as a career choice that combines artisitic endeavour with scientific rigour. I wants my money [and the last ten years of my life] back, please.

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