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    @nimbus 2008 wrote:

    Much lobbying for taxbreaks here which they say are critical to the scheme going ahead.

    Can’t see why our tax money should be given to these guys. If the project cannot make it in the market on its merits why should we be giving HH/Alleyquay handouts?

    Sure why wouldn’t the taxpayer throw HH a few million towards their docklands development, after all the City Manager proposed to sell historic Albert Quay House (next door to City Hall) to HH for the price of a modest 1 bed apartment i.e. 250,000 euro.
    Thankfully Councillors Tim Brosnan, Chris O’Leary, David McCarthy and Jonathan O’Brien were wide awake and put a stop to what would have been yet another fiscal disaster for Cork. HH had to be satisfied with “buying” the site to the rear of said house for a bargain basement price.

    A little further up the quays and the gateway to the Docklands, we sold Navigation House to OCP at a 4,000,000 discount so that our city officials would have the benefit of car parking. (I bet the car parking element of this deal will materialize, unlike the convention centre in Mahon the city residents were promised when we sold that landbank at a discount in 1998)

    Again with Joe Gavin, it is a case of “do as I say, not as I do”

    :rolleyes:Anyway, I am delighted we can help the major developers of the city; those helicopters don’t run on fresh air you know!!

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    @Leesider wrote:

    so the same government that said the airport would be debt free are going to help it out if there are any problems in the future!! Cork politicans are a spineless bunch…….and Martin let this happen in his own backyard, how the hell was that muppet voted back in!!

    All will be well with our airport now that FG has brought out the “big guns” to fight the Government on the matter.
    Following tea bag Barry’s daughters earth shattering statement in the Dail (now what did she say again?) comes last nights momentous announcement by Dino “chipshop” Gregan that he will be “waiting in the long grass” to ambush FF and the Green Party at next years Local Elections.
    I hope the airport will be still open so he can catch a flight to Cork from his “other home”, where he of course represents his constituents to the best of his ability.
    Sad, sad, sad….

    in reply to: Cork Transport #780030

    According to Eoin English in today’s IE, Transport Minister Noel Dempsey rubbished claims by the CAA that he promised financial support should Cork Airport struggle to service its 113 million debt.

    The opposition party’s charge came from tea bag Barry’s daughter:o, plus of course the obligatory quote from one of the Buttimer boys:o. And we wonder why FF keep getting elected??

    in reply to: Cork Transport #780024

    The Turkeys have voted for Christmas!!
    The board of Cork Airport voted last night to tie a 113 million noose around their necks.
    Will the board (the brewer, the metal merchant, the fish monger etc etc) pay towards the debt??
    Or will it be left to the same fools that are being asked for 58 million to assist the relocation of Port of Cork…:eek:us taxpayers.

    in reply to: Cork Transport #780023

    @Pug wrote:

    thats amazing – the management of a local authority ignores the courts orders for years but the result is that the taxpayer loses £50k, the costs of the case and the cost of the engineer.

    Yep, change Galway for Harare, City Manager for Dictator Mugabe and you would not believe this scutting could happen in Zimbabwe, BUT this is Ireland, anything can happen, and normally does.

    Remind me again, who was the Galway city manager at the time?

    in reply to: Cork Transport #780021

    @lawyer wrote:

    Surely the tax payers in Cork have some comeback against the City Manager etc. regarding what I would call an abuse of our money in buying parking spaces for the City Hall staff and at the same time driving ( if you will excuse the pun) the ordinary citizen (who pay their saleries) out of the city by clamping, towing and disc parking in every available spot.

    You would imagine so, but some officials in this Country have no regard for any authority…not even the High Courts of Ireland

    in reply to: Cork Transport #780016

    Like the song goes….

    “Look at doubt we’ve wallowed,
    Look at the leaders we’ve followed,
    Look at the lies we’ve swallowed,
    And I don’t want to hear no more”

    Do you think Guns N’ Roses had our pitiful shower of Councillors, TD’s, and Senators in mind when they penned the lyrics?

    in reply to: Cork Transport #780011

    :rolleyes:Great to see that our city fathers have such faith in our public transport system that they plan to increase the cost of on street parking fees dramatically in an effort to force those who have not had the pleasure of using our light rail system, modern buses, and riverboats to do so.

    Does this mean that our officials will use our transport system and forgo the unlimited free city center parking they enjoy? Given that we sold Navigation House to OCP at a 4 million discount to ensure free parking for city staff I would not hold my breath on that one.

    Still our staff are extremely busy at present, and are working flat out to complete the ;)purchase (bail out) of unsold housing stock that is “building” daily, the last thing they need is to worry about is, if the bus will blown a head gasket again while stuck in suburban traffic!

    in reply to: Eglinton Street Tower, Cork #780420

    @jdivision wrote:

    kite, I believe the case centres more on the sale of the building between the parties. It would be an additional access point rather than the main one.

    Thanks jdivision, i hope you are correct, the phrase “which is crucial for access to Elysian” in the newspaper article above would suggest otherwise.

    in reply to: Eglinton Street Tower, Cork #780417

    @Cathal Dunne wrote:

    @AndrewP wrote:

    It might, that’d make sense. It’s now 25 days and 18 hours before these babes go to market. What to Archiseekers think will be the response/?They’ve probably already cut the prices they were going to sell them at. Are they going to sell them all in one go? It’ll be an interesting test of the strength of the property market. Perhaps they’ll sell out on their launch weekend and herald the return of the boom!

    :confused:Did OFC get the access issues resolved in the High-Court with Howard Holdings?
    If not only those with helicopters need apply!

    “Court battle over country’s tallest building in Cork city

    16 December 2007
    By Ian Kehoe and Neil Callanan
    Two of the biggest property development companies in the country are embroiled in a multimillion euro High Court battle over the planned tallest building in Ireland.

    Cork-based O’Flynn Construction is suing Howard Holdings in a dispute over access to Elysian, a 17-storey tower block being built in Cork’s docklands.

    O’Flynn Construction is the developer behind the €150 million tower, which – at 71metres high – will be Ireland’s highest building. The Cork company claims that it agreed with Howard Holdings to buy an adjacent site, which is crucial for access to Elysian. However, a dispute has broken out over the sale.

    O’Flynn Construction, headed by Michael O’ Flynn, now wants the High Court to force Howard Holdings to sell the site. The matter is due to return to court in January. Greg Coughlin, the chief executive of Howard Holdings, has filed an affidavit.

    Based in Cork, Howard Holdings has projects worth €4 billion under development, including dozens of large developments in Ireland, Britain and continental Europe. It has developed a number of sites close to the Elysian project.

    The company recently said it was seeking planning permission for a €250 million mixed-use development in Cork Harbour, which would create up to 1,000 jobs. The development will include shops, homes, offices, hotels and leisure facilities on an eight-acre site at Passage dockyard.

    O’Flynn Construct ion bought the Elysian site in 2003 for more than €15 million. As well as the tower, it includes apartments, offices and shops.

    O’Flynn Construction was set up by brothers Michael and John O’Flynn in 1978 and now owns property in Ireland, Britain and Germany. Its assets include the Ballincollig shopping centre, EastGate business park – both in Cork – and a stake in Blackrock Land, the property company spun off from Fyffes.”

    in reply to: Eglinton Street Tower, Cork #780400

    @lexington wrote:

    😀 One of the most exciting developments put before Cork city in many years is to be greenlit come Thursday 7th July 2005. Though the notion has been somewhat of an open secret these past few weeks, a source with Cork City Council has declared that the proposal by O’Flynn Construction will be granted subject to approx. 20 conditions [?] after Senior Planner Ronnie McDowell signs his name this Thursday. Details of these conditions will be made clear here either tomorrow evening or Thursday evening latest.

    The project was originally lodged for the 3 acre, former An Post Sorting Office site, last October 8th 2004. Further Information was requested on the development on November 1st 2004, following a questionable planning authority handling of the application. The first request was responded to on December 23rd 2005 and a due date was set for Feburary 23rd 2005 – however, trouble was encountered with the application in the hands of planner Evelyn Mitchell when it seemed as though CCC were only willing to grant permission for the project subject to a near 50% reduction of the 550 basement parking spaces proposed. Other issues that proved a sticking point included light reflection of the tower and the height surrounding block parapets. Additional Further Information was requested and Senior Planner Ronnie McDowell took over handling of the application.

    Where the original Wilson Architecture designed project comprised of 217 apartments over blocks ranging in height from 6 to 8 storeys, w/ a 17-storey landmark tower (70m) in the southwest corner of the site (facing the South City Link Road), 550 basement parking spaces over 2 decks, 7 own-door office units and 5 large bulk-goods retail units – the revised application submitted in response to the Additional Further Information, received on the 13th of May 2005 – altered the plans so that block heights of the parameter buildings reduced to 6-storeys with a set-back level, rearranged building layouts (providing a new ‘pod’ building in Northern end of the site) and new glazing features for the landmark tower (which otherwise remained untouched). CCC concluded that for such residential developments as Eglinton Street, parking spaces as proposed would be generally acceptable given that apartment sizes were generally designed to accommodate long-term residencies (some 3-bedroom apartments extending to 1,900sq ft) and that reductions in space provision would clutter surrounding, heavily trafficked streets with unwelcome additions using the retail, office and residential facilities of the development. The revised application in fact, actually allowed for an increase in apartment unit numbers from 217 to 226.

    Only 1 objection was lodged in response to revised plans – that of a nearby resident Cait Ui Connail, who cites that the development will affect her light and bring unwelcome traffic from persons utilising the retail facilities. The developers have noted in response that among the reasons for such a large basement parking provision was to address such traffic concerns and that the tower overshadowing had been well studied and assessed, concluding that it did not affect nearby residency light given its design, shape and location in the site.

    Should this prove to be the final planning step for OFC with regards Eglinton Street. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2006.

    Note: Apologises for the colouration in the bottom 3 images – but its consequent of light penetration during the image scans.

    [Fingers crossed the conditions aren’t a repeat of that other highrise project that was conditioned to oblivion.]

    :oI think the time may be apt to remind ourselves how we were all looking forward to what was to be the first true “high-rise” development in Cork in 30 years!! (Lex circa 2005)
    Where and when did it all go wrong??

    in reply to: Eglinton Street Tower, Cork #780396

    @who_me wrote:

    The appearance does seem to have changes slightly from the original mock-ups – and for the worst. The gray cladding is pretty horrible; the tower looks good from the South and West, horrible to the North and (especially) East.

    I think the expectation was for 4 towers of around 20 stories in the South Docklands, plus myriad others of slightly lesser heights, in which case it’s probably around the right height. Of course, if the Docklands development does stall (er… never start?) then the Elysian will continue to stick out a bit.

    :rolleyes:The way our “lets play at being Councillors” local reps have messed up the only towers in the Docklands next year will be attached to Dolly Parton.

    in reply to: cork docklands #778796

    From today’s Irish Examiner:

    Docklands project faces 12-month wait for tax incentives

    By Paul O’Brien, Political Correspondent
    THE Government has admitted it will be at least a year before any tax incentives are announced for the Cork Docklands project.

    In what is understood were non-scripted remarks, Junior Minister Noel Ahern told the Dáil last week “many things need to be done locally first, the proposal can be improved and it may be considered next year”.

    Fine Gael described his remarks as a “kick in the teeth” for the Cork region.

    “Claims by the minister that the Cork Docklands needs to be ‘improved’ and is not ready for launch are an insult to everyone who has worked tirelessly on the project,” said FG Cork South-Central TD Deirdre Clune.

    “Extensive proposals have been drawn up for the project, which is included in the National Spatial Strategy and the National Development Plan. The least we could expect is some support from the Government,” she added.

    Under the e2 billion regeneration plan, homes, offices and leisure space will be built on the 166-hectare docklands site.

    Prior to Christmas, the Government signalled that tax incentives to encourage development in the docklands would be announced in the Finance Bill 2008.

    But when that bill was published recently, it overlooked the Cork project, with Finance Minister Brian Cowen saying more time was needed to determine what incentives could be provided under EU state-aid rules.

    The remarks of Mr Ahern, who is junior minister at the Department of Finance, indicate the Cork region will have to wait until next year’s Finance Bill for any incentives to be announced.

    Speaking at a Fianna Fáil function in Cork over the weekend, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern insisted his party would “continue to lead the development of Cork Docklands”, and dismissed opposition efforts “to score cheap political points”.

    However, he failed to provide any timeline for the tax incentives, merely saying: “We will provide the support and incentives that the development of the docklands needs — when they are needed.”

    in reply to: Eglinton Street Tower, Cork #780391

    What was the outcome of the High-Court case last month between OFC and Howard Holdings regarding the access issues to the tower?

    in reply to: cork docklands #778793

    @Pug wrote:

    thats very very poor from the government – they have known about the Docklands for I dont know how long, its ridiculous to say they are going to start talks now and that just because its a big project means the govt have time to sort it out. If they had started the talks years ago then the project would be underway, absolutely disgraceful from Dublin as usual

    Ties in completely with lack of funding coming from NRA for cork. Again.

    I wouldn’t disagree with what you say but this is not all the fault of Government.
    Eight years ago saw the start of the docklands adventure. Cork City Councillors jealously guarded their junket cow and told Dublin to keep their noses out of Corks business on many occasions.
    Cork City Council turned a blind eye to the Listed Heritage building on Custom House Quay, an area that needed to be transformed to provide a gateway to the docklands; instead people visiting the area are met with the near derelict sight of the Bonded Warehouses falling into the Lee (what a selling point for investors and stakeholders?).
    For ex Cllr’s. Burke and Clune to be crying crocodile tears now is a joke as is Cllr. Dara Murphys demand for Councillors to be added to the Docklands Forum so that everything in their fantasy world can be “happy happy” again.
    Fair dues to the stakeholders, they took a chance, they put their money on the table, unfortunately they backed a lame duck City Council instead of a race horse!

    in reply to: cork docklands #778790

    :(Brian Cowen was on the 96fm 7am news stating that “we are only at the start with regard to Corks Docklands” he is now going to discuss the tax break issue at European level.
    I am not Government bashing here, they are after killing what hope was left for the docklands but it was our elected local junket junkies that did nothing over the past eight years despite being constantly prodded by City Manager, Joe Gavin to get off their fat backsides and start earning their wages that have us at this funeral wake.

    Perhaps the webmaster would let this thread run for another week or so to allow us vent our disappointment and anger, then he can switch off the life support.
    FF, FG, Lab, Green, SF, SP etc, a curse on all their houses for failing us. Cork Docklands RIP.

    in reply to: cork docklands #778788

    Trying every media source available to no avail, somebody please tell me if the Government approved tax breaks for the docklands in today’s finance act?

    in reply to: cork docklands #778787

    Dublin’s Docklands Authority are defending a decision to hold their annual conference in Kerry.
    I wonder where the Cork Docklands Forum will hold their next meeting now that those councilors that did sweet f*** a** over the past 8 years are throwing their toys out of the playpen and bitching that they have been excluded from the decision making Docklands Forum.
    :mad:Thanks to the likes of our elected local Muppets, and the lack of taxpayers money picking up the tap for Corks docklands development I think we can now safely say
    “Cork Docklands…RIP” 😮

    in reply to: Eglinton Street Tower, Cork #780385

    @lawyer wrote:

    I think these are the buildings on Albert Quay/Albert Street.
    Suttons had a coal store there.There also was a fast fit exhaust business there up to a few years ago.

    :)Thanks for clearing that issue.

    in reply to: Eglinton Street Tower, Cork #780383

    @jdivision wrote:

    I presume it’s either access via the Webworks building or else via the stone warehouses on Lavitts Quay that were on the market a while back

    If access was proposed through the Webworks site, Cork City Council should have ensured all was in order before selling (“giving away”) the site to Howard Holdings for the sum of 2,225,000 euro on a 700 year lease @ 10 euro PA rent.

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