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    Playing with phi 1.618……………….

    Weekend of art

    In lahinch, county clare, munster, ireland, europe, world, universe, O


    September 28-30 2001


    bus down, depart dublin @ 6.00
    pitch tents
    traditional irish music in galvins, next to the church

    burren nature walk and visiting the cliffs of moher
    organising tools to construct “playing with phi ( gods favourite number) “
    get materials, shells, stones, sea weed, twigs, flowers,
    evening seminar on “SCIENCE ART RELIGION”
    dancing in O`looneys

    10.00 mass
    main event “playing with phi ( gods favourite number) “
    swim in atlantic
    bus home @ 4.50
    while walking the beach on lahinch on a Sunday afternoon on the 5th of august, the bank holiday weekend, I had a notion of drawing a big phi plate on the beach sometime.

    The following Sunday while walking with my friend Hien on the beach in bray I drew a phi plate on the sand with a small stone. Between us the idea of having an art weekend in lahinch when college starts back came into being.

    Phi is an irrational number, 1.618……., it is a growth pattern that manifests itself throughout all of nature. It is described by some as “gods favourite number”. I believe trying to understand it gives a sense of just how strange and beautiful life is.

    The objective of the weekend will be to create a massive piece of land art, which will be constructed by whoever wants to contribute. It will be fun, inclusive, temporary, natural and hopefully inspirational. It will be constructed with natural materials, the lines with stones, the spiral with shells, stones, sea weed, twigs, flowers and all other things that have manifest in them.

    The construction will be filmed and at the end all involved will stand in the water and make noise, roar, dance, sing, splash, anything.

    This scene will be photographed in black and white. One picture will be selected and this will be titled “playing with phi ( gods favourite number) “

    I am interested in the process of bringing this notion into being. Making an idea a reality.

    Oraiste will be a “tool of communication” which will advertise, inform about, serve as a place to view this “act of art”

    Everyones welcome,

    Don’t forget your togs

    See you in clare


    @ 3.35 sat 18 august 2001

    in reply to: irish architectural students #719713

    im still trying to encourage discussion, progressive change, action, fun, thinking, real architecture
    http://www.oraiste.com is the medium for all stuff, it is a “tool of communication” it is free, open, uncensored, experimental, challenging and last but not least the backbone to real events. it is an “act of art”

    will you respond?

    in reply to: DDDA Paranoia #716893

    i had a meeting with terry durney of DDDA and i asked re taking photos, he said give him a time and who would be photographing and it would be ok. unfortunately the event did not happen.

    will stack a have an area where the public/ anyone concerned re stuff, can put up work/ art/ use as a meeting point. if not what steps can be taken to bring this about.

    in reply to: DDDA Paranoia #716883

    what is the story with stack a now
    myself and a few friends got kicked out of there for “industrial espioage” to quote the guard when we visited stack a with cameras and a video

    id love to see a facility there for the public, where they could get involved with art for free, this would act as a nucleus and would bring life and further safety to that area

    in reply to: ruining pubs #716838

    used or does anyone still drink in the nep, the downstairs of the “flowing tide”, lower abbey street, accross from the abbey?

    i did a lot of my growing up there

    i came home after working in the states for a summer and bumped into a mate who told me the bad news “they`ve cheanged the nep”
    it took me a while to go in and it was very upsetting to see the damage.
    i asked paddy what they had done with the old red couches “thrown into the skip”
    what id have given to have one, especially the corner one, in my room now

    in reply to: Stack A, Dublin Docks #716965


    a PLAY space for the city

    i have a link below to a picture of the project i did that got me started on all this stuff in the first place. i would be interested in seeing if there is any kind of reaction.

    i feel that the docks are dead today
    i want to see them alive

    this is an example of what i think would be a lively, safe, everchanging place, which would bring life to the docks, even more life to Dublin and could become a brilliant tourist destination


    in reply to: Open House, Bolton St, Wed 1/11/00 #716018

    sorry for inconvenience

    in reply to: Stack A, Dublin Docks #716964

    will you put the photos back on here
    alan we were supposed to go down again the last day of college to make another film, this time “de riverdance” outside stack a, we were set but the camera wasent charged so it dident happen but we might just do it yet, ill keep you posted

    has there been any further plans?

    in reply to: paddys week, IASA events #716015

    unfortunately it dident happen
    no one was too interested and im not very organized
    johnny plasmaman came and that was very good, he critted all day and then gave a fascinating lecture
    there might be a forum to wrap up the year

    in reply to: Stack A, Dublin Docks #716960

    i responded earlier but my post was taken off again
    there is a debate going on in the student issues under IASA
    we are proposing a live art part, where the public can come and make art in all media
    we went down on a wander to take photos and make a film, we were kicked out for industrial espionage,
    since then we have shown our film
    i have met with terry durney and discussed the propsed uses of stack a
    he has given me the drawings and interior photos
    we will be down agian after christmas

    in reply to: Open House, Bolton St, Wed 1/11/00 #716017

    Sorry mg
    i am only learning
    will you come along on wed?

    in reply to: Car free cities #714859

    car free day in helsingborg, sweeden

    yesterday went well in helsingborg
    there were a lot of events going on to raise awareness
    i was there on a field trip with lund university to get people to fill out questionaires and get feedback

    there were still cars in the city but this was the first time this event happened there.
    it is amazing to see how organized the swedes are, all kinds of groups got involved together, kids plays, actors kidnapping the minister of environment, rock bands playing in the train station, jazz bands in the 16th century churh, electric cars on show, free bus passes for the weekend, car drop areas outside the city, etc

    the plan there is to work on things for next year and so on

    i hope dublin went well, i think it might not have been so organized and i also think that people dont think these issues are too important.

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