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      the asa in bolton st, are trying to unite all ark students of ireland, take a look at whats happening to this country and do what we can to get things back on track.

      we are orgainizing the 2nd “irish ark students open forum” this time on the direction of architecture

      do the aai have advice for us, will they get behind us and give support, publicity, sponsorship, we will write to further confirm things

      i look foreward to hearing form you
      yours sincerely
      duncan o’cruadhlaoich

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      im still trying to encourage discussion, progressive change, action, fun, thinking, real architecture is the medium for all stuff, it is a “tool of communication” it is free, open, uncensored, experimental, challenging and last but not least the backbone to real events. it is an “act of art”

      will you respond?

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      Playing with phi 1.618……………….

      Weekend of art

      In lahinch, county clare, munster, ireland, europe, world, universe, O


      September 28-30 2001


      bus down, depart dublin @ 6.00
      pitch tents
      traditional irish music in galvins, next to the church

      burren nature walk and visiting the cliffs of moher
      organising tools to construct “playing with phi ( gods favourite number) “
      get materials, shells, stones, sea weed, twigs, flowers,
      evening seminar on “SCIENCE ART RELIGION”
      dancing in O`looneys

      10.00 mass
      main event “playing with phi ( gods favourite number) “
      swim in atlantic
      bus home @ 4.50
      while walking the beach on lahinch on a Sunday afternoon on the 5th of august, the bank holiday weekend, I had a notion of drawing a big phi plate on the beach sometime.

      The following Sunday while walking with my friend Hien on the beach in bray I drew a phi plate on the sand with a small stone. Between us the idea of having an art weekend in lahinch when college starts back came into being.

      Phi is an irrational number, 1.618……., it is a growth pattern that manifests itself throughout all of nature. It is described by some as “gods favourite number”. I believe trying to understand it gives a sense of just how strange and beautiful life is.

      The objective of the weekend will be to create a massive piece of land art, which will be constructed by whoever wants to contribute. It will be fun, inclusive, temporary, natural and hopefully inspirational. It will be constructed with natural materials, the lines with stones, the spiral with shells, stones, sea weed, twigs, flowers and all other things that have manifest in them.

      The construction will be filmed and at the end all involved will stand in the water and make noise, roar, dance, sing, splash, anything.

      This scene will be photographed in black and white. One picture will be selected and this will be titled “playing with phi ( gods favourite number) “

      I am interested in the process of bringing this notion into being. Making an idea a reality.

      Oraiste will be a “tool of communication” which will advertise, inform about, serve as a place to view this “act of art”

      Everyones welcome,

      Don’t forget your togs

      See you in clare


      @ 3.35 sat 18 august 2001

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      Playing with Phi…..? Are you taking the phiss?

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      intelligent response barry

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