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    :confused: Am I missing something here? I really can’t see the point of reducing a building by just a single storey. Have you ever looked at a building and thought “Thank God that building was reduced in height slightly, otherwise it would be blight on the landscape etc.?”.
    It seems to me like the thinking is, “Well we like this development, but we cant possibly let it go through the planning process unscathed”….”Ok, chop a storey off then, after all we HAVE to have some sort of height reduction.”

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    the one above looks way out of proportion, and reminds me of something in Hong Kong !

    I have to agree, that 35 A barrrow street thing, reminds me of Hong Kong infill. Though I’d like to see something tall built on this site, the current proposal just isn’t up to scratch. Its an infill design masquerading as a landmark. 🙁

    Anyway, below is one of my Hong Kong holiday snaps for comparison. I think it would look right at home here 😀

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    Lex, forgive my ignorance, but what is the stadium located to the right of the highlighted docklands site? Is it Pairc Ui Chaoimh or Turner’s Cross? Or something else? It’s really been bugging me.

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    Thanks to everyone for their comments and corrections

    The City Quay proposal seems to exist only on Shay Cleary’s website; if you know more I’d love to hear it

    Nope, I only know what I read on this site. Sorry.

    The U2 Landmark tower was never 25 stories, it was 19 or 20 depending on how the ground floor was configured. It may well be 25 stories when planning is applied for, however.

    I read 25 somewhere, unfortunately can’t remember now. Didn’t think that could be right as it wouldn’t correspond with the overall height of 78m.

    Tara St. Station will be 15 stories and 60.8m above ground; it will reach 63.3m above sea level which is lower than Liberty Hall.

    Read an Evening Herald aticle which claimed it would be taller. Maybe they were referring to the older proposal. It was reduced by 2 floors if i’m right?

    Lexington, thanks for the Cork figures esp. Eglinton street. Think I had the number 25 stuck in my head for some reason.

    I listed the Cherry Orchard Tower as residential, but thats just my assumption. Is this a serious proposal? I can’t really see it getting the go ahead. A Trojan for a shorter tower perhaps? Would love to see a pic of the project.

    Andew Duffy, do you know if the Leisureplex will be demolished to make way for the Stillorgan tower? Surely if thats the plan, it will be replaced? :confused:

    in reply to: Tallest Building in Ireland? #751997

    There are of course a number of buildings proposed that are taller than both Liberty Hall and Cork County Hall, and here they are.
    [HTML] Building Status Floors Height Type
    1. The proposed Cherry Orchard Tower proposed 40 unknown residential
    2. Heuston Gate approved 32 117.7m residential, bar/restaurant
    (under appeal)
    3. That Barrow st. monstrosity proposed 32 unknown residential
    4. Player’s Square Tower planning refused 28 86 m residential
    (likely to re-apply)
    5.City Quay Development proposed 28 unknown residential, bar/restuarant/niteclub
    6. U2 Tower approved 25 78m office?residential? recording studio
    (unlikely to go ahead as originally planned)
    7. MJ Flood site, Sandyford proposed 23 unknown residential
    Industrial Estate
    8. Merchant’s Gate proposed 19 unknown office?
    9.City Quay Development proposed 17 unknown office
    10. The Park, Carrickmines approved 16 71m office, apart-hotel?
    11. Monte Vetro under construction 18 unknown residential
    12.Alto Vetro (formerly Quay Lodge) under construction 16 unknown residential
    13. Santry Cross under construction 16 unknown residential
    14. Tara st. Station approved 14?16? don’t know, office, restaurant
    (Is it still going ahead?) but it was taller than Liberty Hall[/HTML]

    For the record, Liberty Hall has 16 floors (including the top, maintenance floor) and is 59.4m tall. Can someone please tell me the height of Cork County Hall? I don’t know it off the top of my head.
    Oops, I forgot to include the Eglington Street Tower and Water Street project proposed for Cork in the list above. The Eglington Street Tower will be 25 floors if it gets the go ahead, which I assume would be taller than County Hall. The tower element of Water Street would be a 17 floor residential which I imagine would be slightly shorter than C.C.H.
    Feel free to offer your corrections to the above list. 🙂
    Apologies for the extremely messy post, its late, i’m tired and I can’t figure out the damn list thing 😀

    in reply to: 15-storey hotel for Sligo gets council’s approval #742573

    Now maybe this is just me, but I think it bears a disturbing resemblance to that Chicago prison Lotts posted in an earlier thread 😀

    in reply to: Gasometer #751568

    😀 Just Imagine the uproar from An Taisce and The Irish Georgian Society if that was proposed today!

    in reply to: Cherry Orchard #749967

    The sheme will revolve around a main street – Central Park Avenue (Puh-leeze) with a market at one end and the railway station will be dominated by a 40 storey glass tower

    Any more info on the tower burge_eye? I assume its residential. Where did you get this article from?

    in reply to: Shopping Centre Architecture #749895

    I heard some vague details about the plan for the old dundrum sc about a year ago. The old centre was to be pulled down and replaced with more shops, department stores, offices, a hotel, a small number of apartments and what was described as a “covered civic square”. A pedestrian walkway linked the development to the new dundrum town centre. I never saw any renderings or detailed plans though. Last i heard the hotel had been dropped from the proposal.

    in reply to: Sir John Rogerson Qy #725238

    Does anyone know anything more about the Sir John Rogerson’s Quay development? Has it officially been scrapped? Its still listed on OMS architects website.

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