O’Connell Street Dublin

Originally developed by the Earls of Drogheda and known as Drogheda Street. The area was bought by the Gardiner Estate and extended to the river. In the 19th Century this was known as Sackville Street after a Lord Lieutenant and after independence was renamed O’Connell Street after the Liberator Daniel O’Connell. At one time it was the widest street in Europe. The street is divided into Upper and Lower which is reflected in the confusing numbering system.

The central mall contains many statues to those who have played a part in Dublin and Ireland’s development including the dominant O’Connell Monument. The others include: Sir John Gray (1816-75) for his efforts in bringing a water supply to Dublin in 1868; Fr Theobold Mathew (1790-1856), founder of the Temperance movement; William Smith O’Brien (1803-64) and James Larkin (1876-1947) labour leader and trade unionists. O’Connell Street is now home to the Dublin Spire built to replace Nelson’s Pillar.