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      Evidently none of you have been wandering round the east end of Trinity recently.
      Where on earth do they get it? Who approved that black box? The theatre? The Provost ought to be hung.

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      john white

      Actually, I reckon that simple looking curved red brick extension to the College of Dentistry is very effective. It may not be very exciting but I think it works really well with the older part next door. The lines continue round from one to the other so well in fact that you’d hardly notce it was there.

      Now you could argue that it’s a conservative waste of time putting up something as bland as this but on the contrary – it’s fitted in respectfully with an important already existing institution without resorting to Noddy-town PVC and aluminiun pastiche twee-ness.

      Added to this it’s actually got some nice features externally:
      It’s simplicity is refreshing and well utilsed and the glass-brick tower is rather nice and interesting.

      In my opinion.

      Another example that works well is the recent extention to the Old Renaissance Venetian-Style Courthouse in Dun Laoghaire opposite the DART Station.

      The windows and Cornice lines extend right through from old to new. I think it works very well – one complimenting the other.

      In my opinion.

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      Its at least nice to think that in such historic settings the college is able to incorporate some extremely modern and original architecture. The black box or engineering dept. was recognised with awards, and the new manages to avoid completly the sickening banality of most new constructions.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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