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      I don’t know about you people but I detest Butler’s proposed building for the ESB offices site on the riverside in Limerick.


      There’s not much point in trying to amenitise the riverfront areas of Limerick city if the very sun that illuminates and generates the pleasant interplay of light, water, nature and human interaction is itself being stopped out by madly-high buildings on the river banks.

      For many of us, the sudden eruption of Riverpoint was the first we knew of its planning status. Workmen on 16 hour shifts took it up to the heavens before we could get our heads around the reality of it, let lone mobilise any already too late objection.

      Now it looks like the council, commercial interests and feckless professionals have formed a greedy coalition to pull an even worse fast one with this monstrosity.
      Does anyone here think that the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, Facebook, etc would even consider coming to Limerick’s Dock Road ?
      Or that if they really did, their desire for agreeable vistas should trump the right of ordinary Jacks to see the sun when walking by the river in their home town ?

      Some things are just fine as the are. Maybe even the present 6-story skyline for most of that river bank is a bit high.
      I don’t know what the Hugh Murray (or whosever) masterplan for the river area was but I doubt if this was the way it was to go.

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