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      Dublin’s Latest Makeover

      More than £700 million in private and public money will be invested over the next five years in areas of the inner city in most need of physical, social and economic rejuvenation. O’Connell Street, the North East Inner City, the Liberties/Coombe and the Historic Area Rejuvenation Project (HARP) are expected to benefit from more than £250 million of public money and £500 million of private sector investment.
      The most recent urban-renewal scheme (‘94-’98) concentrated on areas where dereliction was most severe, providing greater incentives for remedial works and measures to conserve existing urban infrastructure. More emphasis was also placed on residential development in inner-urban areas in order to offer a better mix of social and private housing and a greater use of vacant upper floors.
      For future urban-renewal projects, the government has approved the development of Integrated Area Plans (IAPs), which address not only address issues of physical development – such as appropriate use, quality of design and conservation – but also wider issues of local socioeconomic benefit, including training, education and social housing. The relevant local authorities will develop these IAPs after widespread consultation with local partners and input from local communities.
      The four areas that will benefit from the city’s next urban-renewal programme are covered by Dublin Corporation’s IAPs.
      O’Connell Street
      Plans for O’Connell Street involve re-establishing it as the major civic thoroughfare of the city. Key areas of this project, which will receive £35 million in public money and will radically alter the street’s image, include the construction of the O’Connell Street monument, a new plaza opposite the GPO, a new street connecting to Moore Street and a general improvement in pavements, street furniture and building design on the street.
      North East Inner City
      With a budget of £100 million, the plan for this area will rejuvenate one of the capital’s most deprived regions with an approach founded on social and physical programmes. Significant areas of the plan will involve rebuilding and refurbishing public housing, attracting private enterprise and housing into the area and developing education, training, employment and community-based programmes.
      Uncertainties surrounding the Cork Street/Coombe relief route have meant that the area has suffered from a lack of investment. A fund of £70 million will be made available to provide a balanced framework for the regeneration of the social, physical and economic environment of the area.
      Historic Area Rejuvenation Project (HARP)
      This project, which was the first IAP to be introduced and is EU funded, covers the Smithfield Markets and the surrounding Collins Barracks and Henry Street/Mary Street. Other important initiatives in the area include the Luas, the east-west pedestrian link and the North King Street road improvement and public housing refurbishment
      According to Dublin City Manager John Fitzgerald, these plans, as well as those for Ballymun and Kilmainham/Inchicore, represent a new partnership approach to planning: Rather than being imposed, these plans were the result of consultation and co-operation with local communities.

      Thats the background.

      Does anyone know where more details can be found??? Have the plans been published???

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      Paul Clerkin

      The O’Connell Street plans have been published as a book – one image @

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      Any idea where I can see the plans for the Smithfield development, or does anybody know what they are planning to do with the street itself that’s currently dug up ?

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