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      Paul Clerkin

      There’s a distinct trend of gating hitertoo open areas in the city at the moment, and none of them have been carried out with any style.

      Meetinghouse Square
      Portico St Paul’s Arran Quay
      The attempted North Great Georges Street

      and now a really poor set of gates in the Fishamble Street archway.

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      Saw the gates on Fishamble Street yesterday — not great looking but nowhere near as clunky as the gates on Meetinghouse Square, — especially those at Rory Gallagher Corner.

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      Yes the trend to gates in private developments seems to be creeping out.

      Having looked at some of the entryphone / electric PIN type lock arrangements on some of the private gates, it seems to me that these may be a serious emergency hazard. In some of the very dense apartment developments one does not need a lot of imagination to see Stardust style scenarios, with minor gas or fire emergencies turning more serious.

      It does not seem that, unlike building safety systems that are are designed to “fail to open lock” or “push to open”, in a power or fire crisis these gates apparently stay shut.

      Outsiders will not know the PIN, the entryphone may fail, so insiders cannot communicate. Anyone know if the fire service holds these codes? (I doubt it)

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      Rory W

      Yes the fire service hold the codes and emergency overides to all the systems in Dublin

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      Paul Clerkin

      I would imagine so, as the post office also can get into the gated complexes, it seems logical that there are master keys with the fire brigade.

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