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      Paul Clerkin

      The Design Ireland Network cordially invites you to an evening with Diarmuid Gavin on Thursday, 17th February @ 7pm at No 4 Dame Lane, Dublin 2.

      the speaker
      Originally from Dublin, Diarmuid studied at the College of Amenity Horticulture in Glasnevin. Following this, he established his own school of garden design, culminating in the Dublin School of Garden Design. His work has earned him several awards including the RDS Gold Award in 1991 and 1993 and a Bronze Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in 1995.

      the venue
      No. 4 Dame Lane, 4 Dame Lane, Dublin 2 at 7pm on Thursday February 17th. Directions: Tucked away in the alley leading from Georges Street to Andrew Street parallel to Dame Street, It is noticeable by the two ‘flame torches’ on the wall at the front.

      If you would like to attend this event that is being brought to you by Design Ireland, please respond to this email ASAP if you wish to reserve a place:

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      Anyone else go to this?

      Guess this area gets enough exposure on TV, but I didn’t learn anything I didn’t know already..

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      Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one there!

      I found very little new or extradinory in what was presented – but had a very enjoyable evening none the less. How nice to sit back in a comfy chair with a pint and listen to someone talk entertainingly about an interest and passion we share. Not bad for free! Thanks Design Ireland Network.

      You might be able to help – What was the name of the architect of the railway style offices? He mentioned CIE but I didn’t catch the name. Looked interesting – based on one slide. (metal construction looked like a grounded streamliner rail car. Touch of Kansas maybe?)

      I thought his new garden design looked very interesting and is an area that needs a lot of improvement. It was an attempt to design a proper shared garden for an apartment block – these tend to be problematic as in Clarion Quay or unused as in nearly everywhere. Rather than gravel the whole thing, his design encorporated curvey walkways and secluded pod areas. Can’t wait to see how it turns out as I can see the secluded semi private areas becoming cider swilling spots.
      Nice plan for reeds of lights with each apartment overlooking having the remote control for one or more lights allowing you to interact with the garden from your balcony. Sounded fun.

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