John Bourke (-1871)

His obituary in the Irish Builder read, “DEATH OF JOHN BOURKE, ESQ., ARCHITECT. We greatly regret having to announce the death, suddenly, of the above-named gentleman, which took place on Friday last at the residence of Dr. Hayden, Harcourt-street. Mr. Bourke had been for some time complaining, but no serious symptoms appeared, to cause uneasiness or account for his sudden demise, being in his usual health on that morning ; but in the course of the day, finding himself unwell, he proceeded to his medical adviser, when in a few minutes he ceased to live. In his profession Mr. Bourke was greatly esteemed by those with whom his associations brought him in contact. Gifted with talent of a high order, and particularly well versed in constructive architecture, he has been engaged upon numerous works throughout Ireland. Amongst these the Mater Misericordiae Hospital stands a time-enduring monument of his skill. We have often admired his specifications, which for their perspicuity, combined with brevity, could not be excelled, and which carefully express in short paragraphs what in other hands would occupy pages, yet, from their wording, were impossible of being misinterpreted. Shrewd and intelligent to a degree in all difficult questions of constructive building, his opinion was highly valued ; and being of sterling honesty of purpose and of unswerving integrity, he was justice personified between contractor and client, and in this particular he had few equals, certainly none to surpass him.”