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  • in reply to: Zap the childrens shop – High Street #715783

    The place may be a disaster but it can still
    be improved,
    the new Coombe bypass will give the opportunity to make it more Pedestrian
    As for the central Island being a refuge
    for pedestrians, It just encourages people
    to dash accross the road at any point
    rather than at the crossings.

    As for Jurys, they may find a critical
    structural fault and have to pull the
    whole thing down.
    Otherwise let Ivy run free on it’s exterior.

    in reply to: Zap the childrens shop – High Street #715780

    My earliest memory would have been after
    most of the building were cleared,
    Interesting that it’s been called a dual
    carriageway, resonates with industrial
    landscapes rather that a city street.

    I’m not sure there’s a need for the divide
    in the road. Take Champs Elysses in Paris,
    far more traffic, wider road plus proabably
    more aggresive driving style, but there not
    a divide in the centre.
    I believe the corporation should do away with
    these and instead make a real effort to make
    the likes of Patrick st and Cuffe St. tree
    line avenues. The visual affect of trees just
    does not seem to be understood by the powers.

    in reply to: wish list for Henry Street #715760

    On the same theme,
    St.Georges st., some great building
    and a nice street from about 10ft upwards.
    A Corpo makeover of the pavements
    would do wonders.

    in reply to: Tara Street Station, Redevelopment, Dublin #717915

    The pic look good alright,
    but it will look differently
    against the mess on either side,
    especially the Tara st, poolbeg st
    area tall buildings.

    Then again if you were to show a pic
    of Hawkins house against a sky that
    blue people would probably say they
    like it.

    in reply to: unofficial archeire building of the year #715447

    The wooden Building…
    If the building is now seen as
    such a nice one by all and there’s
    so many people saying pity it’s
    not higher, why not add another
    five floors. I’m sure it’s commercially

    in reply to: Liffey Boardwalk #715457

    Like the boardwalk mostly,
    Wonder about a few things like
    why there large space on either side
    if the millenium bridge whereas the
    boardwalk runs right up beside the
    On the lights, attaching somthing
    the lamp posts may have been better.
    But I actually think they should remove
    the lamp posts all together.
    On that issue dublin foothpaths are
    way over cluttered twith posts of all kinds.
    Suspending more from building like is
    common in Germany would be in my opiniion

    in reply to: SHAG on the Millenium Bridge! #715279

    Yea, it’s some Guinness idea and
    it’s filthy dirty at the moment.

    The worst is the Big chocolate Box
    floating a bit further down stream.
    Will the corporation be taking
    sponsorship on the city name next.
    Welcome to Nike Dublin will adorn
    Dublin Airport. Gateway to Tracksuit
    city where takkieness runs free.

    Looks like there’ll be no hope of
    getting the hoarding off the loop
    line bridge.

    Happy Coca-Cola X-mas.

    in reply to: RE: Central Bank #713025

    Point 4 above certainly,
    That can go for starters and maybe sand blast the stone. I think beyond that it would be over pricey.
    Also why did the water fall have to go?

    in reply to: Dublin’s Ugliest Building #713131

    I could add a dozen buildings to the list but there going up all the time. There’s no point moaning about spilt milk. Turn all the interest in this discussion toward whats about to go up instead. Or lets climb that scaffolding around O’Connel Bridge house and start taking the building apart (my 1st).

    in reply to: new Liffey bridge #713322

    I read somewhere about a development for the north quay, the bridge will channel people through an arch similar to the merchants arch. Could make that part of town fairly interesting. As for the bridge, you don’t want it to over power the H’Penny. The detail seems to be good. But I can see fistycuffs with the bottle necks that this board walk will cause as it comes to each bridge.


    The developers threat to go ahead with the even worse plans approved years ago could be a mistake for them considering that all future developments by them can be frustrated by the state boards and the general public making infinite appeals.
    Though in my opinion the layout of the development is good if the building were a lot closer to their surroundings.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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