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    All you have said is true. What I want to know, in a bustling expanding city, like Dublin,why are pubs and fast food shops the most sucessful commercial ventures in the temple bar area.
    Now we have a glut of pubs concentrated in the one area. This to me does not sound like comprehensive redevelopment.The social ideal for city living, the ‘living above the shop’ has become, ‘living above the pub’.
    Do we not educate our young to be more socially and culturally aware. Maybe we don’t and that is where this excessive culture stems from, and the buildings and businesses to feed these desires and vica versa.
    The development of Temple Bar was envisaged to bring working professional people within the area to live & socialise. I dont think it was ever the goal to encourage mass drunken migration.
    In architecture, we are responsible in creating living urban spaces. Maybe the great unwashed have created the Temple Bar disorder, or maybe, if more sensitivity was given to the positioning of varying businesses and other amenities as opposed to large low quality pubs, Temple Bar as we know it would have a much better spirit.
    I am also aware of the beauty of Temple Bar by day. The markets, the shops, the restaurants, ther is a great feeling in the air. Could this same atmosphere be carried through to the evenings, maybe not, maybe its just the nature of Irish culture to turn upon itself when night falls. If that is the case, then we can assume that no matter what way Temple Bar was planned, or any other part of the city, we can be guarenteed drunken disorder and violence.
    However, I have a little more faith in people than that. Archaic laws & licencing, combined with god knows how many pubs in one area, will always attract elements of violence. Temple Bar should not have become this concentrated hub of night-life, but it has.

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    Stylish Architecture?
    Temple Bar well designed?
    Jencks, what on earth are you talking about.
    Temple Bar is as correctly stated by you, no longer SFA, but the comprehensive redevelopment of Temple Bar has been erratic to say the least. Low quality buildings, huge super pubs, shoe box apartments.
    Sensitivity to the existing urban fabric was considered in the early days of the Temple Bar Properties project, but now it is directionless and standards are droppping. The new millenium bridge has been ill placed, Temple Bar square, a night-time boxing ring and Meeting House Square(the finest of spaces created) closed at night.
    Parliment Street is an urban nightmare. The Turks Head, Isoldes Tower & a Spar, add some apartments and traffic, is the image getting any brighter. What an incredibly ugly vista for our newly renovated City Hall. Sunlight Chambers is also subjected to this commercial den of inequity.
    Can anyone seriously place these new pubs and package food shops beside some of Dublins finest buildings and the applaud the development.
    Temple Bar is speckled with some fine jewels of urban redevelopment, but most of the development is haphazard, directionless and out of context(unfortunately, all previous ‘context’ now no longer exists).
    Smithfield, where do I begin, its all too much. JK seems to have Smithfield all tied up, and I agree with alot of what he has said but not all. I htink Ill ignore Smithfield for now, I may just loose control

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)

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