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    Agreed – fantastic piece of analysis superbly written.

    in reply to: Dublin’s Ugliest Building #713298

    @Global Citizen wrote:

    I’ve spent a tedious Sunday afternoon doing just that. For research purposes and a bit of divilment !
    I decided to rake back over the 10 and a half years of this threads existence to find the definitive answer to the question of Dublin’s ugliest building based on the suggestions and nominations put forward by the contributors. I used a very scientific formula to conduct this exhaustive endeavour. :p

    Namely :

    – Only buildings that are actually named are included. There were numerous references to apartment blocks being located close to this or that, so to avoid confusion I decided to omit such vague contributions.

    – To reflect the context of individual posts, only buildings which I deemed to have been suggested as ugly by the poster are included and not other buildings he/she may have mentioned by way of comparison.

    – Some people have nominated more than one building in their posts, with preferences numbered 1-10 etc. Others just mention 1 or 2 buildings in no particular order. I have included all buildings in these lists regardless of pecking order. (I don’t have time for all the re-counts proportional representation brings).:rolleyes:

    – Someone suggested the airport as Dublin’s Ugliest Building. I took this to mean the present 1960’s terminal building as there are a number of other buildings in the airport complex with their own nominations.

    So here are the results – and shut that drum roll up please.

    Of the 66 buildings suggested, a total of 37 were nominated only once.
    Too many to mention here, and I won’t single out one or two of the interesting ones because to do so would only lead us down off topic street.

    A total of 19 buildings received 2 nominations. (Again, too many to list here).

    The following buildings that grace our capital city are suggested on three occasions…
    The ILAC Centre.
    Central Bank, Dame St.
    Woodchester House, Christchurch

    These ones are suggested 4 times in the thread….
    Ulster Bank, Georges Quay.
    Civic Offices, Woodquay.

    Those mentioned 5 times are…..
    O’ Connell Bridge House.
    The former Statoil garage, Usher’s Quay

    One building is nominated 6 times……
    Liberty Hall

    And the winner (or loser) with 9 nominations is………
    Yep, its Hawkins House.

    So now we know !

    Here is some additional useless information.
    Of the 66 suggested buildings there are….

    6 Hotels.
    4 Shopping Centres.
    3 Churches.
    1 Embassy.
    1 Theatre.
    1 Bridge.
    Bits of an airport.

    Now for ya. 🙂

    Brilliant! 🙂

    Although I do wonder if you need a hobby! 🙂

    in reply to: Eglinton Street Tower, Cork #780519

    Bit Harsh lads – they took a shot and they’re taking a hit.

    Actually got into a lot of them through a pal who shall remain nameless and I have to say that some of the apartments and the features are fantastic. First scheme I have been in that would make me consider moving into the city. As for the garden….it isn’t meant to be a football pitch….surely the bigger problem there is the lack of parks in the city. Although that one by Albert Road isn’t too far away.

    Good scheme….bad timing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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