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    Thomond Park wrote:
    I would advise the opposite]

    Good point !

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    a boyle

    well lets see if we can do something about this ! the telephone number for the eurocycles shop is 616 9816. I have just telephoned and asked the manager for the reference number to the planning application for the signage. Needless to say he immediately said that he wouldn’t know about that and that i would have to call back to talk to someone else . And of course he immediately got extremely stressed about me daring to probe their business!

    so i encourage any of you out there to take 2 minutes and telephone the shop and express your displeasure . If enough of us bother to kick up a stink , it will work! 616 9816

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    a boyle

    @Devin wrote:

    And an enormous ’70s style internally-illuminated box fascia has been stuck onto a protected structure without p.p. on Sth. William St., next to Assembly House & Powerscourt House ๐Ÿ˜ฎ . Have emailed complaints on this and Fownes Street to DCC Planning Enforcement.

    I saw that yesterday and was furios also ,i tried to find the planning permission on the internet but i couldn’t. Are you sure that they don’t have permission ( or like me did you assume the coucil couldn’t possibly have allowed this)

    We seem to take two steps back for every one forward. I get so depressed sometimes, things improve inch by inch and then you see something like that eurcycles shops front. Fuck the whole system, if this is the best it can come up with ! In a more measured tone , just up the road the there is an application for a change of use to a pub, which i am not sure about. I really like the way this street has developped over the last few years with the combination of sex shops and places to socialise.I feel it’s has a nice bit of atmosphere.But i think that it probably has just the right number of pubs on it ,and instead could do with a restaurant . ( the conservationist in me recognises that pubs tend to be long lasting and often don’t require too much internal intrusion on the design) I’d really like to voice my conecerns but i just don’t have 20 quid to spare !

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    a boyle

    yes the engineering building will not be finished.

    ctesiphon you got slightly mixed up i think. The densely developped route goes from N11 to dedalus along the cul de sac road, which is to be closed and pedestrianised. There is a model in the lobby of oreilly, and it is quite a good design .If it moves out of the lobby and swells into real buildings, and would give a bit more structure to whats there.
    Not sure exactly what is now proposed for the n11 entrance. but a reorganisation is planned.

    No the car parks are not going under ground. The plan is to have a multistorey on the site of the current car park behind oreilly.
    This raises an interesting aside. All the current permanent carparks are already ticked off for future buildings.Some of the semi permanent (HA!) ones too.

    This plan is a few years old was part of some architects ideas for possible expansion.

    I was saying that the campus is edging forward in a positive way because the specific suggestions of late have been largely good. The football stadium is relocating or colocating with the belfield bowl. With the current football stadium (not quite a stadium but no matter) to be demolished and I think that it will then be built on as part of res, joining up the glen and merville. The nurses and med building is filling in dead space. (It is also quite an attractive building too).

    The new foster avenue building defines that end of the campus quite nicely , lining up with pink building ( who peddle dashes building pink ? ) .Of course if they fill in the green space that would be negative.

    Finaly the triangle building behind eng has been redone and is going to form part of the clinton think tank, which includes belfield house (the one beside the running track) and all the buildings in the courtyard beside it. The area between is in the middle of being landscaped as one space.

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    a boyle

    reply to phill and ctesiphon

    First off,if i am being insulting then please accept my apologies, it is not my intention.

    Indeed you are spot on about all the urban myth stuff, but i would quibble with you on one point. It took some time to build the campus and i would not be surprised if the steps were put in that way to impend students congregating. Whether the intent was there doesn’t really matter, the effect is the same! Ucd is a difficult place to organise groups by default or design.

    What i mean by leisure space is “urban park settings”. I think that’s what you would call it. Small/large square where people are drawn to. That is what gives a place atmosphere. There is one: during the summer lots of people(failures!) lie out in front of oreilly , thats the kind of thing i mean. And there are three particular places that could hugely improve the ambience of the place.
    1. The very spot where the science lecture theatres are located ought to be demolished and moved to a higher structure bookending the corner between physics and biology. This would allow all three sciences buildings to open onto each other. I think this would be cool.
    2. that car park in front of the pretty building beside admin (there’s only one!) Properly redone with the bank moved back. A dramsoc theatre on another side and the pretty building redone as the student/staff bar on different floor. That would bring sense of purpose to the place.
    3. the space in front of eng. A new wing of eng or some institution (admin?) sitting on top of the wasteful bus stop and finishing off a third square (this one could be some kind of sports facility.

    There is loads of space around the college no doubt.And that is fantastic.I know i am being facetious but i can’t help my self: you don’t develop and sense of community by bumping into strangers at the heated airvents behind the restaurant while sparking up your second blunt! What i mean is that all the space outside the campus core lends itself to specific group/ solitary activity.I am not a english expert and it’s a rather nebulous notion to communicate but i hope you get my drift. You would only see a group of footballers playing , or some people going for a stroll , or stoners stoning. And having that facility is fantastic , but you would never see a few thousand lying out on the pitches, because psychologically they are too “far” away.

    As an obsessive archetecture and planning nut i can assure you that the better part of 5 years of thinking went into my thoughts!

    I cannot agree with you on the science buildings. In the time i spent there i found them to be of the most poor design, and spirit breaking. And on this one i am afraid that i will win out, as they have not been designed to have a long life! Specific things that bothered me are
    1 the split level entrance thing going on that means none of the buildings have any meaningful meeting place. You alway just happen to be outside something in a hallway.
    2. the level of natural light is not existent
    3. The various shades of wicked lino , and that yello vomit colour in physics.
    4.I find the exterior cladding objentionable to put it politely.

    Re york street you are unfair. I did like them a lot i thought they were very nive. But as they started to demolish them i could see that they were narrow. The photos posted gave me the stongest of impressions that they were not nice places to live. I cannot ignore the positive regenerative effect on this small but uniformly disadvantaged area. Given this and the fact that the buildings are not original georgian , i was satisfied that the right decision was made. I would have to agree that my language on the york thread did not suggest that i had put so much thought into it.

    a couple of further ideas :

    It now should be obvious that i think the attempt to create an urban streetscape in what is a rural/suburdan setting to be a nice architectural idea , but just shite in practice(And i emphasive shite). My visits to two other suburban campuses (Berkely and harvard) have only supported my view. Ucd needs to reoganise into a series of open spaces.

    A word of warning don’t go to ucd for a while , as you will be shocked as to the number of car parks that have been created!

    The reason i say that things are improving bit by bit , is that the development plan seems to point ucd in the right direction, but that is just my opinion.

    I look forward to your reply

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    a boyle

    @phil wrote:

    Do you know what the new building is? I admit that my liking of the Science block is based more on nostalgia than anything else, and that weird knack I have of liking buildings that no-one else seems to. If it is not functioning anymore it should probably go.

    I have often heard of that idea about the campus design, but never heard for definite about the influence of the riots on its design. I know that there are definitely services tunnels running from on front of the area where the new Commerce Building is down to the Students Centre that were supposedly an escape route for lecturers ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Ctesiphon will probably know about this though. In many ways the location of the Admin building makes sense. All students will definitely have to go there at some stage so situating it in the centre makes most sense. I agree with you about the student bar, but the Restaurant Buiding is probably one of the finest examples of 20th Century architecture in Ireland. I think the engineering block was never finished due to running out of funds or something like that.

    I suppose universities will always be somewhat dead at night, apart from the bars etc, but it is definitely one of the obvious draw-backs of its suburban location.

    I don’t really get your last point. Not really sure if you are being serious or not

    sorry i tried to reply but it killed the message at the crucial moment. I have to work now so maybe i will continue this later

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    a boyle

    A 5 bed detached house in a garden isn’t really high density, it’s just lashing a house into your garden ! Building houses in every garden does not sound like a good idea to me.

    The original problem with the development of housing in ireland is that it was never a mix of smal.med.large.flats coupled with houses.

    From a planners point of views , semid and detached houses are for families and so need space for children etc. If everyone in your area does the same you are left with lots of houses and no space. And from a planning point of view this is the crux of the matter: you end up with a row of houses that are not satisfactory for families but too big for single people and couples. Thus you start chopping the houses into bedsits and what not.

    If your house has an appropriate setting a good aspect and good facilities then why not go the whole hog ? Set aside a decent shared garden, and design an atractive 3/4 storey appartment block, with 3 flats (say one 3 bed two 2beds) that ties in with your house.

    If your house is the end one in a housing estate then you are just greedy, build a nice proper extension and enjoy the fact that you live in castlenock and many don’t !

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    a boyle

    To clarify rose tinted nostalgia, the science buildings are decrepid. The chemistry building was not exactly extended. A new building was built right up against it.

    On an overall view Ucd is a big subject to take on in one go. It has a many issues. Some of these included unfinished buildings (engineering), poor land use ( the bar the restaurant, the bank),inapropriate buildings uses (admin is located in the center of campus ,when it is rarely used by the student body).

    Finally and most interestingly given the recent french university riots ucd was designed specifically to stop students congregating. So while there is plenty of space there are no squares or outdoor “leisure” space, that’s convenient. It is quite a tour de force,considering the size of the campus and the number of playing pitches.

    Things are improving a little at a time however, the new student center (which naturally is too small too accomodate all student services ) is nice. The seperation of arts and commerce has given a huge lease of life to the whole campus. And vet & nursing have been brought in and the other end, with med and civil to follow within a year. During the day the place is humming. Nighttime is still a problem thought ,the place is as dead as a dodo.

    Perhaps it would be better to focus on a specific issue with ucd. Indeed I would consider the imminent inclusion of some arts school from some deprived skanger’s area of the city most worthy of discussion. I say that because if it joins the belfield fold thats all it will be some arts school. Artist chicks are ridiculously hot thought some there are ups and ups.

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    a boyle

    For your heating system underfloor heating as the best. you lay a bendy pipe back and forth across the entire area of the ground floor. It is great because , all the energy that goes into heating the water get released into heating your house as the entire floor is a radiator. Second the eveness of heat throughout the house is unbelievable , and as a result it is comfortable at lower temperatures. In my house we have to roast the sitting room in order for the hall to reach an ambient temperature.

    It’s not cheap at all , but in the running costs are a fraction of central heating and the like.

    If you are designing it from scratch , keep in mind that four rooms are cheaper to heat than 1 large open plan layout.

    Good luck , don’t skimp whatever you do.

    a boyle

    Swings and roundabouts : hopefully there will be some green pasture left before we hit the roundabout.

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    a boyle
    Thomond Park wrote:
    Luas phase 1 รขโ€šยฌ400m overspend
    Years late
    RPA ticketing not-intergated with CIE system]

    Again you are totally ignoring what i have said above. The lateness of delivery is not the rpa’s fault. (it took 3 years to build as intended )

    It cost 400 million extra because the original estimate was for two trams lines. The plans were changed and 1 tram line was built and a metro line was built. Given that on a discussion for the green line extension you called for the extension to use the old harcourt line to improve segregation and allow for a metro.Are you suggesting that you would rather they had designed the green line to tram spec , so that in the future the entire length had to be bug up for heavier foundations and new bridges built.A large chunk of that extra 400 mill was wisely spent building a more powerfull power system, heavier foundations ( to support 100’s of tonne weight instead of 40) , reinforced bridges , etc .

    Ok have it your way. Had the green line been built as originally costed how much would it cost to upgrade it so that it could be upgraded to a metro ? Remember it cost 180 mill to updgrade the dart’s power systems and platforms. ooooohh i don’t maybe a few hundred million ?

    when i said popular it is quite clear that i meant that the tram system is used by more people than originally envisaged , that it has exceeded al it’s own “targets” and that it makes money. Where is the failure ?

    Do you reject that building the green line to metro standard would easily have cost an extra 400 mill , given that the rough estimate for the northern metro is 3/4/5 billion. ? Again what specific things did the rpa do that are so bad.

    Is the red cow a disaster ? is 40 thousand people per day on the red line a disaster ? Is up to 90 thousand a day on the green line a disaster.

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    a boyle

    @Thomond Park wrote:

    Sorry to pass your post Philip,

    Aboyle I suggest that you have the attitude of an EMU whereby you bury your head in the sand as hard earned tax receipts are squandered.

    As you have previously accepted the Red Cow is being put on concrete stilts and if it is functioning so well why is this being done?

    Yet again the taxpayer gets fleeced

    I am not sure that i said that the lulu is going on stilts ,because it is not . It is the rest of the junction that is changing. Could you pehaps identify which choices made by the rpa have squandered our money ? could you put a rough estimate on the cost of each mistake made by the rpa ( mistakes made by the transport minister don’t count )

    Even allowing for ( a “huge” squander ) how is something that is more popular than expected , and making money within 12 months of operation a failure ? to have missed something somewhere

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    a boyle
    Thomond Park wrote:
    The RPA present themselves as being in consultation yet all of the links for submission are broken.

    The point is that the RPA have redefined incompetance and continue to redefine it year on year]

    The links are not broken , you just don’t understand how to copy the links properly ! If you had read the plaform11 link you would have read “http://www.rpa.ie/?id=78 once you understand the RPA site its easy as the original url can’t exist http://www.rpa.ie/metro/ndp_ppp/content.asp?id=78” . The links that you copied were created automatically by a server and cannot be copied.

    I think you criticism of the RPA is wholly misguided. Prior to the opening all politicians roundly laughed at the RPA achieving its break even number of 20 million , given that this is the number of people carried by the dart which has 3 times the capacity. However it has done and is the only public transport mode that makes money.

    To the people who complain that it cost more that it was supposed to well, perhaps a little knowledge would help. The green line between sandyford and the canal was build to be able to take full length heavy metro trains. This involved engineering bridges that could cope with 100’s of tones instead of 40. All the land has been aquired for long platfoms . The power lines can cope with all the demand of longer trains ( remember the cost of upgrading the dart ). And the cutting between dundrum and sandyford was blasted wider to fit wider metros. We will be very gratefull when this stretch is upgraded to metro in decades to comes without any disruption! (Just ask the dart users )

    The chaos at the red cow never happened ( because the trams only move in front of stopped traffic )

    The longer red line routing was supported by all the consultants as a good compromise between current needs and the ability for future development.

    Nothwithstanding this Mr. Park proposes that given the luas is more popular than expected and is doesn’t require a subsidy it’s a failure.

    I might add that electronic ticketing is operating on the luas and was doing so within a year. Is it not up to dublin bus to do their bit ( no obviously it’s the rpa)

    I propose that Mr. Park has the worst irish blinkered attitude : where can i find a problem where ? As something that is delivering what it set out to do , surely it is a roaring success ? I have no doubt Mr. Park would complain just as much if it wasn’t carrying enough passengers.

    Stop whinging!

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    a boyle

    @Thomond Park wrote:


    I am a bit confused, what exactly is your point ?

    in reply to: Luas extension B1 Line #775846
    a boyle

    @LittleLamb wrote:


    I’m just wondering if anyone has any information on the B1 extension to the Luas line, I think it runs from Sandyford to Cherrywood. Have the dates for submissions passed or is there a public consultation happening?
    Thanks for any info you may have ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hmmm you are are way too late for any of the public consultation. You can look at the proposed plan on the rpa website. You are not too late for giving an opinion on some of the other rpa suggestions however!

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    a boyle

    @Thomond Park wrote:

    A Boyle can you give one example of the RPA listening?

    No i can’t , but again if you don’t give your opinion you can’t complain if noone listens. Even though it’s is probably pointless i implore you and everyone reading this to email the rpa and give your opinion , whatever it may be ! info@rpa.ie

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    a boyle

    @Peter FitzPatrick wrote:

    please ! running luas up o’connell street is just wrong, all wrong !!!!!!!!! running it as far as abbey is bad enough, but the full length of the street – aaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Well then please PLEASE send an email or write to the rpa about the current route selection for the metro and for the luas link up.

    Whatever you think about tara , the one thing to learn is that once a course of action is decided , those with power will shit all over anyone who disagrees.

    I would suggest that running the lulu up o’connell street to abbey street and then turning left or right (to jervis /abbey stops ) might be a really good thing for o’connell street if it meant that the rest of the street was pedestrianised on that side of the road.

    BUT remember if you don’t write to somebody no one will listen. the old nappy campaign over the grocers orders shows that the powers that be do listen. sometimes

    info@rpa.ie tom.manning@rpa.ie

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    a boyle

    @murphaph wrote:

    Just in time for the RPA to dig it all up for Luas line BX and then Metro! ๐Ÿ˜€ Of course in the grand scheme of things it’s not a problem that we have the money to build mass transit systems, just seems an awful pity that all the work will be torn up so soon after completion.

    Yes but it remains to be seen whether Bx goes up o’connell, granted it probably will go as far as abbey street. The metro (at 2 billion for a tunnel with no escalators , i am not sure that will ever happen.

    I don’t think the full impact of the port tunnel has been realised in this respect.A new bus service will probably start between, busaras the (freed up) north and the airport via the port tunnel.While it’s not as sexy as a metro it would be as quick given that the metro will have lots of stops. Ryanair’s micheal o’leary has pointed out that the interest on the metro would pay for everyone to get a free bus ride to the airport.If any economic sense is involved the metro will not get the go ahead and the interconnector will!

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    a boyle

    @TLM wrote:

    Is there actually a plan on how to tackle undesiarable shopfronts and shop usages on the street? It seems no progress has been made on that front. Also does anyone know when the kiosks are going in?


    Yes there is a plan, i found it before on the council’s website, but i don’t think it’s quite that simple. One can’t simply order someone to take down something if it was put up with planning permission/or more probably in this case before planning permission existed! Thus with respect to the advertisements i would expect that the council would have to buy out the contract. I would imagine that a similar situation exists with the shop frontage and signage, where the council would have to recompense the owner of the business for the intrusion, etc etc.

    My suspicion is that the council is taking a longer view of the situation and waiting for the full effect of the road improvements. What i mean is that the council thinks that the whole street is going to regenerate thanks to the immiment expansion of Arnotts , the renovation of clerys, the red line luas, roches , ilac ,etc etc. It expects much of the businesses to change or expand , AND crucially when this happens and new planning permission is sought it can then apply conditions (removal of ugly signage).

    You will probably despair at at this , it suggests that it could take eons to happen. I am not so sure however. I think that O’Connell street today stands at exactly the same transition point as grafton street when it was pedestrianised.

    While the papers talk of a shopping frenzy society , the reality is quite different.It’s not that the rich are shopping like crazy , it’s that everyone now has jobs and is shopping normally. So like the housing “crisis” there is also a shop “crisis”. How this relates to O’Connell street is this: the is a huge pent up demand for a large increase in retail in dublin. And the place that makes most sense for this development as o’connell street and environs. The carlton site will be redone in the next year or two . The Eircom building is vacant. The fingal offices too.The royal dublin hotel is also mooted to be redone. The irish times building will soon be vacant and possibly turned into retail. And as mentioned above a huge amount of money is pouring into henry street and parnell street.

    Granted that it has taken a long time to redo o’connell street ( there is a good reason for this, firstly there was a lot of archealogical excavation to be done – sackville street was once very narrow . and secondly all the utilities have been redone) but mark my words you won’t recognise the street in a few years such will be the change in it’s fortunes.

    As for the kiosks i don’t know , but the whole thing will be finished soon enough!

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    a boyle

    @Thomond Park wrote:

    A disagree that it is almost completely segregated it crossess both Blackthorn Rd and Leopardstown Rd which are the principle arteries of the entire area. When operational its effects will be felt two junctions either side on the M50 as well as turning Brewery road into a carpark with knock on effects on the N11 at Whites Cross and north of Galloping Green.

    1 The tram will rise over the roundabout with brewery road , so it’s not stopping traffic there. 2. There is already at junction at the southern entrance to the industrial estate/end of blackthorn drive. So there is already time put in place for the trams to pass in front of traffic at the level crossing. 3. You are using the same flawed argument that was used to spell ‘chaos’ at the mad cow roundabout. The trams will be passing traffic that is already stopped and so won’t be affecting the flow of traffic at all. Period . It is simply a matter of fact. I cannot convince you otherwise except to go the red cow and observe that the trams only cross traffic which is already stopped to allow other traffic to proceed.

    Thomond Park wrote:
    If you look at 95% of the Worlds landmass from Google Earth it is suitable for high density development]

    Again you display ignorance of the facts: planning permission or outline planning permission, or zoning has already taken place in the entire swath of land between ballyogan road and sandyford road. Having started from scratch all of the developpments interconnect to allow everybody easy access to the tram stops. Even if there are future high density applications they will not be thwarted by Nimbyism , as you can clearly see from the developpments occuring at the other end of the industrial estate.

    Thomond Park wrote:
    The Luas is already using 80% of its capacity] Wrong. Plain wrong. You appear not to know that the current system can operate to a frequency of 3 minutes between trams without upgrading.The trams use a sophisticated method of communicating to a central control point which can then changes traffic lights at will. This means the increase in trams has a minimal affect on traffic. Instead of each one tram crossing at each stop in traffic , two can cross.

    The fact that 95% of the world is ripe for high rise reinforces the correctness of the dogleg route. It allows for a substantial area of mid to high rise development, reducing pressure on what is left of the agricultural land in neighbouring counties. The other routing does not allow for as much high density housing , no question about it.

    Consider that dublin is three times bigger than brussels or amsterdam , which both have the same population.

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