1830 – St. Mary’s Church of Ireland, Donnybrook, Dublin

Architect: John Semple / Joseph Welland


The foundation stone of St Mary’s was laid in 1827 and the church consecrated in April 1830. The original building was by John Semple, with the transepts, chancel and vestry added by Joseph Welland in 1859, A later organ chamber from 1906 by J.F. Fuller. The church was built to replace an earlier one, also called St Mary’s, that traced its roots back to the 12th century.

3 July 3rd 2020 marked the end of an era for St Mary’s Church when it was deconsecrated by the Archbishop of Dublin, following a decision of the Select Vestry earlier in the year. The decision was made due to the structural instability of the church building and the decline in the size of the congregation. Following the closure of the church the Parish was merged with Irishtown, to form the Irishtown and Donnybrook Union of Parishes, and served by St. Matthew’s Parish Church. In 2022, the Royal Dublin Society acquired the church.