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    About a year ago I was in contact with Michael Lally jr, as well as Michael Lally Sr.s widow.

    They apparently had someone interested in the place, and were in negotiations, and were not willing to jeapordize those negotiations by speaking to anyone else. The sales price was NOT “bargain basement”, it was in fact 2 million more than I had been quoted several months earlier.

    I have heard the place is sold, but have not spoken directly to the Lallys to confirm that. I have been keeping an eye out for planning permission posters, but haven’t seen any yet.

    The place was lived in until the early 70s. It was sold basically as farmland, and the house was closed up, and the outbuildings, with the exceptions of the second stable block(which was used to house cattle and sheep) were left to deteriorate.

    What makes the place fabulous is not the house itself. there are loads of really nice manor houses in Ireland. Although, the house seems to be fairly unique. What makes it special is that all the outbuildings are still there. Both courtyards are there, the interiors of the stables, although completely derilect, are still there. The laundry room is still in one of the outbuildings, and all the boilers, drying racks, everything is still there. There is a large extremely modern even for these days greenhouse in the back garden. There is a beautiful brick house on the property as well. There are a huge number of original bits and pieces in all the buildings. The place had a large mill, which is still there but in worse shape than the rest of the buildings. It has an aquaduct to carry water around the property, and original gates are still on the property. It is within walking distance of the Woodlawn Train station.

    This place is desperately calling out to be restored. It was apparently one of the first buildings of it’s time to be built using steel beams. There were quite a lot of farm buildings that were not only state of the art for the times but would be considered modern now, but those were torn down, and there is a Coillte forest where they were now.

    I have a number of photos of the place, which I can email people if they are interested. I don’t have them online, so can’t post them here.

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