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    A name for White Nights ?
    Take it any time.

    Where you bin, boy ?
    All bluesed up in a room with Muddy Waters an’ Jack Daniels ?

    Oh lemme tell ya ’bout mah baby –
    She done run off widda gawbage man !
    O, lemme tell yah . . .

    We need a DONATE button here.
    Get your butt into this job, man.

    And clear out the bugs in your site.
    I picked up the Delta-Homes bug in my browser this morning from
    this site.

    in reply to: South King Street 1970s – shops and consumers #939664


    High time someone brought up the Dandelion Market and the sacrilege that was its closing.
    Great place to get real leather shoes, cowboy boots and jackets. Loads of jeans, cheesecloth shirts, printed T-shirts and posters for the bedsit wall.

    in reply to: Some tips for forum usage #939663

    That makes just 3 of us so far however.

    No word from our Admin.

    Is there an issue of loss of control here ?
    Maybe there are concerns in prospect related to democratic governance, budget committees and procedures . . .

    If not, why not enable a DONATE button on the top of the forum page ?

    A tenner a head from most members would buy excellent hosting, easily cover the development costs of a satisfactory website, provide more effective forums with straightforward image uploading, enable surveys of members’ views on things and – not least – allow removal of those Russian Bride ads.

    Another tenner a head and we can have a discussion about how to move things really forward on this website . . .

    But that’s all for the Admin, of course.
    Just like removing Dwyer from the current register is a matter exclusively for the RIAI senior administrators.
    Just had an idea about this.
    Maybe the RIAI want to create a precedent in allowing a membership to stand despite criminal imprisonment so as to prevent civilly imprisoned architects (in for signing off on a faulty design à la the New Building Regs) having gaps in their professional records . . .

    in reply to: Some tips for forum usage #936683

    @ jimg : The talk about changing UI misses the real point here.

    It’s a sort of a catch-22.

    Forum interest realistically can’t pick up till the majority of members – whom I believe are employed in the architecture/engineering/design/construction trades – start to get some traction in their own work situations.
    When someone is worried about making enough to support their household then their spending time on non-revenue generating things is mad.

    On the forum management side, loss of activity means loss of ad revenue.
    No advertiser will pay to put ads in a forum that is only animated by discussion of Dutch Billies and the state of Irish churches.

    Result – no money by Admin to run this thing properly.
    And that is presupposing that Admin himself is keeping his own economic head above water in these tough times and has the time to run the site.

    If we want to retain this Archiseek website and forums, then we have to start throwing the odd tenner in Admin’s direction.
    Only then will he be able to buy decent (tech supported) hosting.
    With that much at least he may be able to go to the Arts or Heritage people and seek some external funding.

    in reply to: UCD Architecture Graduate Number By Year #936681

    Thanks for the fix, Gnidleif.

    Incidentally, I got this data by chance – while ‘investigating’ Desmond Fitzgerald – from these pages :


    Just keep scrolling down to get it to fill in earlier events.

    There are some interesting anomalies.
    I can explain the sharp drop in 1973, I think, as due to the discouraging effect of the sit-in in 1968 on would-be applicants in that year.
    (Either that or a share of ’68 entrants never got back from Woodstock in ’69 !)
    Other spike/drops are not so clear-cut.
    It seems some students were denied graduation in their final year by some stiffening up of the marking of final exams. Some names in this category are surprising, to say the least, given their subsequent demonstrated ability. Maybe like the accountancy finals in the first year of a recession when the oul fellas try to reduce the number of heads in the trough . . .
    The relatively high spike in 1957 is beyond me, as is the trough in 1965.

    The all-time high in 2011 — any ideas ?

    in reply to: Some tips for forum usage #936580

    Thanks, Gnadleif. (Interesting name . . Viking ?)

    But really we should be able to upload images without any great hassle, like in most other – much sillier – forums.
    Can I propose our beleaguered forum moderator set up some means by which we all can send him a tenner or two ?
    A PayPal button or something – would that we possible here or would it involve additional expense ?
    This Obama-style fundraising might be the solution to both his ongoing hosting issues and our desire to enthuse on the form of our built environment.

    Of course, I understand that even a tenner or two may beyond some members.
    You only have to look at the architects’ professional body to see the dramatic effect of our present recession.
    With a membership of ~ 2,000 paying €490 (€245 hardship) they only have a yearly income of ~ €750,000.
    After salaries & expenses of admin staff and elected executive are taken out of that figure the balance remaining for events must be cat’s portion.

    No wonder they were so much more content to let Graham Dwyer to pay his fees and remain on their register even while he remained under remand in prison – and therefore physically unavailable for work.
    In fact if you check right now on


    you’ll see his name there even still.

    How unfair it must be for the other architects called Dwyer.

    But this is entirely a matter for the Institute Executive of course.

    in reply to: UCD Architecture Graduate Number By Year #932406

    I was trying to upload the stats and bar chart for this topic but I see no means of uploading images onto this forum . . . .

    in reply to: Some tips for forum usage #932360

    And I can’t see how to upload images either.
    If I could do this – an essential thing in an architecture forum, you’d say – I’d be away with it . . .

    in reply to: Some tips for forum usage #932358

    How do you insert images, Excel charts, tables, etc into a post ?

    I see a button for “ol” and I assume that this is some sort of object linking feature.
    But aside from making an ol tag I can’t go further.

    in reply to: The Opera Centre #780697

    My own view is this.
    I see no sense in having a (seriously) third level college in the city centre.
    This is the wrong place for students due to city distractions, more expensive accommodation, no sports amenities at hand and no scope for that campus to expand.
    Neither is it desirable to have one end of the city swarming with students most of the day.
    The raising of this idea of a UL city campus seemed at that time very sudden to me.
    It was almost like someone doing some commercial lateral thinking : get the students in and fleece them of their pocket money — that’ll keep the existing city traders going.

    To me, The Granary ought be preserved. God knows the people in the 1980s put enough effort into its remodelling. Personally, I’d get rid of the Trinity Rooms, Shannon Development, NSAI, etc and turn the whole building into a proper modern city library, mediathèque, language learning labs and local studies museum. Local business/industry badly need a reference library plus patents/trademarks search facility and I see this part of it paying for itself. Maybe you could also have a geneology section which could be self-supporting.I mourn the loss of the WorkSpace units but accept that this facility may be placed elsewhere if that plot is needed for other more pressing facilities.
    The old pharma preparation unit to the right of The Granary and the old Georgians on Patrick Street, these must be sorted out. What to do with them, I’m not sure.
    But a city campus here is daft.

    in reply to: Bricklayers Guild Hall #744660

    All of the above, I think is the only conclusion we can draw. . . . What’s the story with the Phoenix Park Wall?

    Yerra, I heard it on the Sunday morning Miscellany programme years ago.

    Apparently, a gombeen builder by the name of William Dodson got the contract to wall in the newly designated park grounds.
    He also got the task of building the Anna Livia Bridge at Chapelizod.
    Anyhow, the bould Bill subcontracted the bulk of the wall to numerous less well-connected masons at a fraction of the per length rate that he’d agreed for himself.
    Result, the wall falls down at many points and a Commission of Inquiry is held into the whole thing.
    Curiously, the work done on the Anna Livia seems to have been well approved by the Commission. When the new cantilevered walkways were added in recent years, they found they could build walkway supporting piers on the foundations of the breakwaters up- and down-stream of the arches.
    A sort of 17th century instance of cross-subsidising the more interesting part of the public project by skimping on the routine part.

    in reply to: Bricklayers Guild Hall #744655

    So, are you :

    A. Demonstrating that the instinct towards grasping gombeenry is inherently stronger in brickies’ union officials than their love of good workmanship .

    B. Implicitly complimenting the Bricklayers Guild on its acumen, while conveying to us a template for profitable purchase engagements with the Corpo in similar situations .

    C. Impugning the professional ethics of lawyers for both the Guild and the Corpo who may have been complicit in agreeing a settlement far in excess of the true compensation on the basis of a visibly humbug claim .

    D. Asserting a basis for successful post facto litigation against the Guild in view of its failure to fulfil the intentions implied in its compensation deal with the Corpo .

    E. Bewailing yet another past transgression of an Irish local authority in relation to property sale or purchase .

    If E. is the correct answer, then why not discuss instead the much more entertaining story of the Phoenix Park Wall contract ? :thumbup:

    in reply to: The Opera Centre #780681

    I see that Jim Long now expects to go 20 m down before he can commence work proper on building the new centre.
    I’d estimate that the bedrock is at most 6 m below the surface. And the water table well above that level.
    Considering that the overall footprint of the site is very large, do we really need so many levels of car-parking ?
    And at what cost, given the amount of rock needing to be drilled out ? And how much sealing of the perimeter, as well as redirection of drainage from neighbouring sites needs to be done ?

    Clearly, our Jamsie is being taken for a ride by the promoter.
    To avoid another wart on the Limerick skyline, I’d be happy that Jim and all the rest of the council went on a one-off junket to Milan to see the Galleria Vittorio Emanuale II. If we must have a new shopping arcade, let it be tasteful.

    in reply to: The Opera Centre #780679

    In terms of an concert venue, I think a new landmark building near the river, perhaps on the Dunnes site, would be ideal for that – something weird and wacky that adds to the riverfront in a modern way.

    A lot of buildings compete for Shannon river frontage, not least the UL Architecture’s proposed new City Library — a very worthy case for a new building — down in the corner of the old potato market.

    Sure, a concert hall entrance from the Charlotte Quay won’t generate as many adoring photo backdrops.
    But the site is big, fully developable and I think a good public works architect could readily blend the new part of the building with the old Granary stonework façades.

    This is all fantasy in the current climate though!

    But Fantasy exercises the Soul . . .

    in reply to: The Opera Centre #780676

    Right on, Cáit.

    My proposal is not a “mixed development” — or any other such stupid self-aborting proposal.

    I want it to be a real opera centre, plain and simple.
    Christ, don’t we all need a decent arena for concerts, big plays and maybe even the odd opera.

    By day it would be a training base and “home ground” for two dance academies, classical (ballet) and modern (e.g. for musicals).
    On no account are these dance academies to be appropriated into the greedy arms of UL.
    The Academy of Classical & Modern Dance must have their own separate distinct cachet.
    ALL staff to be foreigners of high accomplishment.
    ALL subsequent appointments to be “new blood” — i.e. no past graduates taking over the place à la UL post-Ed Walsh.
    Compulsory international exchange tours in summer season.
    Season ticket options for locals.
    All-in heritage venue card rate for tourists.

    “Freshman Dancers College” for enthusiastic paying locals / keep-fit people.
    Injury recovery exercise tutoring for sports- and lay-people.
    Poise and footwork classes for soccer and boxing enthusiasts.

    Why can’t we dream for a change and stop pretending that we need more “housing” in the centre of the city and in
    a totally inappropriate building ? :angel:

    in reply to: Ã #748395

    I suppose we can take it that A. an Ú is an F-rating insulation-wise ?

    in reply to: Is this the same John Graby? #721255

    Probably just trying to suggest that although nominally an executive for the current president of your organization, he is given long rein to make a lot of initiatives on his own, in the name of acting in the best interests of his employers — a kind of power behind a distracted throne.

    But I doubt if this is the real story in RIAI any more than it is in other professional bodies.
    The “expert” bureaucrats are a common excuse by presidents who want things to go a particular way, in a way that suits them.
    In any case, it is really the president who is supposed to actively lead the organization during his/her tenure, especially in relation to matters with significant public impact.

    But maybe your president is busy shoring up his own practice these days.

    in reply to: Wooden windows in Ireland #756300

    Howdy Timmi.

    Maybe you’d provide more context here.
    Are you an architecture/architectural technology student ?
    Or is this research more in the way of market research ?

    For styles (hmmmm) and profiles the best place to go would be to the principal suppliers.
    Munster Joinery :rolleyes:, Rationel, Grady Joinery, etc etc.
    I know that there is a share of imported Baltic/Scandinavian softwood windows also.

    Some will make whatever fenestration design you want in whatever hardwoods they have, e.g. teak, iroko, sapele.

    in reply to: Marketing ideas #718528

    Biggest problem with architects’s services is that they must mostly be paid prior to mortgage approval.
    That’s the hitch for so many people. It’s a lot to take from one’s savings in one go.
    Were they payable after the approval then they could be included in the house loan.
    But with few people currently in jobs secure enough to justify an architect’s application for finance to pay them, it is hard to see this being a solution.

    If a person goes to an architect and says “I want to pay no more than €70 /sq ft for this house”, the architect may well be able to achieve a good design and even get his own fees from this figure.
    But the planning process period and the obvious need for cash flow to sustain their office forces the architects to demand payment as it accrues.

    Maybe the architects themselves may have a solution to offer on this crux.;)
    It is most acutely in their own interest to do so, even though all of us will see the benefit of a better designed built landscape . . .

    in reply to: Marketing ideas #718527

    It’s long established that big project jobs would have a large sign board near the front entrance showing the main contractor, sub-cons, arch, civ eng cons, mech & elec cons, etc.

    Could you not have a smaller – yet attractively designed and visibly printed – board by the entrance to small jobs, like houses, refurbishments, etc ?
    Naturally you’d need to include the builder as well (unless he wanted anonymity:rolleyes:) but that ought not be a problem.
    Anyone admiring the design work and curious who did it can see without trespassing, calling or asking around.

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