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    @weehamster wrote:

    The reality is that no building should have been built at all let alone set back from the original line. To block the beautiful AIB building is a total disgrace. The site should just have been made a simple mini-square. If something had to use the space then maybe allow a temporary retail setup

    The site where the “robocop” building is was a park for much of the 90s.

    I grew up with a school friend who lived in the Sick and Indigent poor house, the last remaining house of that terrace, but on the street to the Dublin Castle gate. It still stands today.

    The small park was dab, grey and usually empty.

    Although in the awful Jackie Chan movie The Medalion it is seen with a String Quartet playing.

    The park was there well into the 2000s, till about 2005.

    It had a couple of statues and plaque’s in it as well, but i cant remember what for.

    It was a good little plaza but it was never used, and was pretty ugly. However it was a good space during the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

    It’s now long gone, and replaced by the green monster and a white open space that also not appealing like the park before it.

    in reply to: college green/ o’connell street plaza and pedestrians #746556

    Nice to See CG now empty in the mornings.

    Other than impending death from speeding buses you could easily just walk across it’s open space, nay bother.

    It is a great location for a public square/ Luas Interchange.

    And to think if the Bank of Ireland was actually a Public building like it’s historic origin then it would be open to the Green and offer even more space.

    Dame Street and Westmoreland street also are important and spacious.

    Large Pedestrain Corridor’s connecting with the Extensive waste of development on OC would also help.

    Connect all of the cities main Throughfares and pedestrianised area’s.

    I’ve read the odd statistic here and there that Grafton Street may see the largest footfall but see’s less actual shopping due to it’s more expensive nature. Where as Henry street, a far dirtier and just as crowded cousin see’s a lot more shopping.

    If all of them were connected with the Two wide street’s of Westmoreland and D’Olier Included it could be a full on shopping and transport Corridor creating a Connected “City Centre”.

    Culture wise Grafton Street is the New “city centre” while O’Connel Street is the Historic one. If what lies in between recieved a connected development it would make a City Centre.

    Also surrounding area’s Deserve inclusion, Such as Temple Bar, “Temple Bar South” which despite not being on the map’s exists with all it’s back streets and connections between Grafton Street and George’s Street/Camden Street etc.

    Westmoreland Street, College Green, Parts of Pearse Street and D’Olier Street Also deserve to be connected and developed.

    Hawkins street, that little bus filled lane should also see development.

    The Entire Stiene Area should also be included. Ie DESTROY the god awful DOHC, Apollo house, and it’s neighbours. That whole block, other than the Screen Cinema is a waste.

    It could be a beuatiful Public space with amienaties instead it’s a big brown box carton block that really doesn’t belong there.

    One Large nice glass tower on one side with a public space with shops surrounding it with a smaller promanade or balcony area above them with Cafe’s and bar’s surrounding the public space.

    Turn it into a atractive place to wait for buses and to shop in the city centre. It also mean’s theres more closer to the cities transport hubs instead of abandoned buildings, grotty towers and a few choice pubs.

    With Just a bit of repaving, and even just 1 block of redevelopment you could reconnect all of this area and change it’s importance and make it a city centre.

    Luas service’s would also help support such a development.:rolleyes:

    in reply to: O’ Connell Street, Dublin #731138

    @Devin wrote:

    But the character of the area, which you now think should be preserved, has only developed because of the shopping centre hanging over the area for years.

    So what you want is a repeat of Temple Bar, where the threat of the bus station hanging over the area caused an artistic community to develop on the back of the low and shortterm rents, and in the end it was deemed that this character was worth preserving in itself? But in the end the artist / bohemian character of the place wasn’t kept anyway and we know what happened … So who’s to say the current immigrant character of Moore St / Parnell St. could be preserved?

    No one actually.

    And Temple Bar may be a tourist hot spot but if you want pubs, foreign film, tattoes, records and comic books its one of the best area’s to go to for that. Its still got the same feel to it, even if it is for money.

    in reply to: Luas Central – Which Route? #763645

    Wow that is a really good network for the buses.

    And who ever said cross city had to go through the city? Theres at least 2 routes too the west not using the motorway.

    Although that could mean a lot more traffic through Christ Church Terenure etc, which is also looking for a luas:rolleyes:

    in reply to: O’ Connell Street, Dublin #731136

    This proposed shopping centre at the north end of O’connell street is a massive missed opurtunity to create a cultural centre for the local communities.

    Hear me out.

    Some people are calling the east parts of parnell street and Cathal Brugh street Dublin’s “chinatown”, and Parnell street and Moors street are also an immigrant area. Why is it that this development that will change rundown area’s just next too these communites wont serve them at all but will be aimed at dragging tourists and soutsiders too the northside?

    If anything the whole concept of an immigrant area a “chinatown” should be premoted and protected. Such sites should be used to inhance the area and not forcefully evict the communities that are there. So what if people think its a ghetto, its better to premote it and help it than to alienate it.

    It allready has the Gate Theatre and the Ambasador. Imagine if everything in that area was grabbed by the same influence of being a cultural area. It might even keep the Abbey in the same place? Imagine a walking along a street on the northside and smelling different restaruants instead of bus exhaust? Would it be better than another behemoth shopping space?

    I would love to see this whole area be premoted as a sign of the future of ireland etc etc.

    But in truth, even if this was done it would make money, up the rent and eventually force the entire area to move away.:mad:

    Also, if we did make a Chinatown in dublin, that thin lizzy song would finally make sense!:rolleyes:

    in reply to: Luas Central – Which Route? #763643

    With the current economic situation blah blah blah, its best that this project is cancled.

    But the money spent on planning it should not go to waste. A route should be fully planed out and selected and provisions taken that this route will be easy to build in future. Ie protecting the infrastructure and free sites along the route in order to build it when we can affod too.

    I also think that using the bx line as an excuse to not have a terminus at college green would be a very good option. Terminating at college green could be a mess unless it was held inside the traffic island, which is full of statues as it is. Pedestrainisation of college green is an important thing if it were to continue to westomoreland street. Using the bx line as an excuse to implement pedestrainisation all the way up to o’connell street would be a perfect project but the bx is useless with the metro and even more useless without the D line. So if money is available in future build the Bx as part of the Lucan Luas so as to give a larger reason for fixing up that area that would be more likely to be given a go ahead.

    Basically, the Bx can only be built if the lucan luas is built.
    The lucan luas is a good excuse to pedestrianise the city centre’s main pedestrian artery.
    The lucan luas is likely to be cancled, but if pedestrainisation is implemented, even without the bx line, it should be done providing for the 2 lines and bus traffic.

    Annother point would be to re-order the one was system in the city centre to avoid college green etc Hard to do with such narrow streets and few places left to go.:confused:

    in reply to: grangegorman allocated 262 million #718871

    IT looks amazing!

    Possibly a rival for best campus. Trinity still wins, but this really will turn heads.

    The stepped areas looking over the pitch’s look amazing.

    I see they really want the Luas D line from looking at those plans. They can dream on. The BX is uncertain as it is considering it will be built on the same route as the metro north.:rolleyes: And line D is planed for post 2014 anyway.

    Still the campus looks great. No complaints sire!:cool:

    in reply to: D’Olier & Westmoreland St. #713996

    I find it odd that for a thread that also talks about D’Olier street, barely anything has actually been said about it!

    Im a nursing student and a fan of architecture so i feel blessed that my faculty is based inside the old GAS building. 3 glorious buildings intertwined and used very well, a cinema, a office block and a tudor house all together.

    Also id like to ask when was the “heineken” building made? I actually like it but im clueless as to what its purpose is other than offices and Q bar.

    And whats up with the west side of D’Olier, its just dead. Other than a blood Doner clinic its devoid of anything. :confused:

    Its a massive terrace and still has the newspaper headings on some of the buildings and one clock, but almost all the building are dead, its a real shame.

    Not only are the PILE’s of buses on Westmoreland street but they return on D’Olier, and other routes terminate behind it at the eyesore that is DOHC. D’Olier is so busy with buses it has a perminant bus conductor whos there most mornings and into the afternoon conducting things so they dont build up on college green.

    I also think Hawkins street and DOHC should be heavily lauded for what has befowled it over the years, or does that fall under Tara streets demise also?

    The whole area is patchy and shops only exist on the sections of foothpath that are arteries to other areas, ie western westmoreland, eastern d’olier with whats inbetween left to rot.

    Trinity’s dominance of pearse street doesnt help wither, its nothing but long walks in every direction.:rolleyes:

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