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      Hi. I’ve an old shed in my back garden made of pre-cast slabs bolted together and roofed with corrugated asbestos/concrete sheets. It looks like it’s been there for about 40 years, at a guess. I know I need a specialist contractor to remove the asbestos roof – and any recommendations would be welcome.

      However, someone recently mentioned to me the possibility that the slab walls may also have asbestos content. So I’m wondering if anyone here would happen to have a Mastermind specialist subject of “cheap and nasty building materials from 1960s-1980s” and would be able to say if this is likely. One side of the slabs (inside the shed) is smooth and dished, and looks just like ordinary plaster/concrete. The other side – outside – is slightly textured (like very small pebbles). And where there’s a hole cut for a pipe, you can see the cross-section and again it looks like small pebbles embedded in concrete. It doesn’t look in any way fibrous.

      Does anyone recognise these slabs? Thanks!


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      Hi, unfortunately this is not my area but I would advise you to contact an engineer in your area that deals with this or you could get the specialist contractors to advise you on what course of action to take. Be sure to use suitably qualified professionals whose capabilities are verifiable.

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      Thanks Paul. I intend to get specialist contractors to remove the corrugated asbestos roof, so I can ask them. I guess I was just hoping that the wall slabs might be a product that was widely used that someone here could identify, since the contractors would have a vested interest in declaring the slabs as ‘possibly’ asbestos, and their number/weight would likely increase the bill a lot. I’m probably too cynical though!

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      No I would say you are on the money, but to be honest when there is a threat of asbestos, take the safe option, it is far too risky. Do not rule out an old school engineer though, any engineer who practiced in that era will know what it is or should if it was in any way popular.

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