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      MB OMaoileoin

      National stadium receives yet another setback

      “The proposed national sports stadium has received yet another setback. The Minister for Sport, John O’Donoghue, has told the Dail that the 23 expressions of interest to construct a stadium are unacceptable, as they all have too many strings attached. Mr O’Donoghue said he was opposed to private companies getting a hold of state land and then making large profits at the hands of the tax payer. The IRFU and the FAI are to be asked to come up with fresh proposals for a new national stadium”.

      Why can’t it be agreed that a new stadium (similar to The Millennium Stadium, Cardiff) is built on the Lansdowne Road site and in the meantime let the IRFU/FAI play their “big” games at Croke Park? Or is that too easy a solution? The GAA can only benefit from the extra revenue (as I understand it Croke Park isn’t used for six months of the year anyway).

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      I think the problem with Croker is that they have planning permission for only a few games a year, but if that’s not the case – then they’ve nothing to lose by letting it out as a temp ground for the others.

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      Don’t hold your breath with the GAA. The ‘patnership’ deal they offered Rovers on the sharing of the unfinished ground in Tallaght was that Rovers could use the shared pitch for 30 !! days of the year. Also the kids in Longford wished to hold a Samba Soccer tournament and the most suitable ground belongs to the GAA and they surprise surprise refused.

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      This is a necessity for the city and country and reflects a nation and people. It is superficial I know when compared to hospital waiting lists,the unemployed, the unemployable, the crime, the jail accomodation, etc, etc…… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……but Jesus do they not realize the high profile this country would acheive on a sporting, tourist and international level……aka revenue… in extra money to spend… in extra money to spend on hospital waiting lists, the unemployed, the unemployable, the crime, the jail accomodation…etc….
      These dozy f**kers take forever for the penny to drop. Remember the sucess in the past folks whether it be the Cinema and Film Industry,the World Cup, the Eurovision, bland entertainment and all as it is……etc etc….Superficial it may seem ….but it lifted the country, the people and brought millions into the country and the economy.
      Every country has their share of social problems but it does’nt deter important projects. We will only realize this when the bloody thing is built like everything else …saying how did we ever live without it in the past.
      Jesus will they ever get their fingers out and build this much needed facility. The bigger the better ….we don’t after all want to be adding on extensions either in 10 years time just like the West Link bridge now etc etc which has sent the overall cost through the roof……………
      Now get out and start building ….ye’s lazy thick ignorant penny pinching shitz.

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      It’s gas the GAA have no problem wishing to play GAA in soccer grounds – as in trying to divide and conquer Rovers unfinished ground, also all the matches they have played in the old Wembley over the years and will continue to play in the new Wembley. Imagine the English FA had refused them – there would be howls and petitions asking Tony Blair, Ahern and Amnesty International to support them been discriminated against.

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