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      You may have worked for Rem and Gehry, you may have lived in New York and Amsterdam, but judging by your approach and manners,you seem to have learnt very little.
      You also seem to be contemptous of Dublin and more than a little patronising to the very people you are trying to convince of your indispensible skills.
      With your work history, Your E Mail to this forum could indeed have served you very well and better than “cold Calling”.You could have easily adverised your skills to those very firms that as you say…couldnt survive in the real world.
      You seem to have worked in some reputable firms…in what capacity? You were either very dispensable or decided you could further your career by dispensing some of your invaluable design expertise to the meneal Dublin firms.
      For what its worth I recognise and understand your predicament..but your approach is all wrong. The most valuable piece of advice one could give you is that apart from being a good designer, you also have to have other qualities to become a valuable employee…most importnatly an ability to properly communicate your thoughts and ideas, and people skills..the ability to get on with others.
      If you had approached your task with more maturity, you would have researched and prepared better and made an apointment with the relevent individual.
      Dont let frustration ruin your objectivity, go back and do it again..properly this time.
      And dont think that you are the only Irish architect who has big names in his folio. Its too easy to overestimate the gravitas of name dropping….its what you DID for Rem and Gehry that matters.

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      Please leave the chap alone……

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      I find it very interesting that everyone is snapping at me because I made a few comments about the complacent attitudes of architectural firms here in Ireland. Only GregF has decided to talk about the issue I brought up. Thank you!

      You may think I am arrogant, you may think I have a bad attitude, and you may be right. But what about you? Why is it OK for you to berate me for my comments, and then sit back in your easy chair and wait for support from other members? Are you better than me….I was taking shots at the Irish Firms, and you are taking shots at me. HMMMMMMMMMM????????? Is it not the same thing, do you not have an ATTITUDE as well?If I told you that you need to take a different approach, and that you need to lose the attitude, how would you feel? Maybe you need to look into the mirror? What do you think?

      And, thanks GregF, I appreciate the support.

      By the way. I am not looking for work…I am working! I originally brought up the point because I was worried about the direction OUR architecture firms and trends were heading in Ireland, but I guess thats not an important issue for you.

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      I’d suggest reviewing your medication regime Edward.

      I ‘talked about the issue’. You just didn’t like what I said.

      Whats with the Koolhaas, Ghery, awards guise then, if we aren’t talking about you?
      Walter Mitty time methinks.

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      I’m inclined to assume that Edward is just blowing off steam – so I feel the ‘dialogue’ to date has gotten a little over personal and should be stepped down somewhat.

      That said – Edward it IS difficult to se everyone who cold calls – too often (as an employer) you get caught – on the hop – running out to site or preparing for a meeting. I do believe cold calling is useful but you must have a precis and details to leave in the event that you don’t get any further than reception. Yes some practises can be very ‘stand offish’- thats life – people and standards differ from place to place – the best thing to do is get on with it.

      One thing I find particularly irritating is when I do have time to talk briefly with callers such as your friend I often find that they have no information to give about themselves or work to show.

      As to working for ‘Name’Architects being of assistance in getting work – I would tend to agree that this often does’nt mean much – A years experience working on tender packages for Joe Bloggs Associates is often more useful and desirable than two years spent colouring perspectives for Frank Lloyd Wright. A good name on a CV might stimulate interest but certainly won’t get you a job on its own. (Actually Genry would be a bit of a put off for me but that’s a personal prejudice)



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