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      Anyone see those new flats….. aka social housing appartments for the public, that they are building in Bridgefort Street…….
      Reddish/Brown Brick……..and kinda auld/nostalgic/pastiche looking.

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      nope. they are refurmbising the flats at the intersection of Buckingham street and sean mcdermott street. i must admit that are beginning to look really well. hopefully the folk they move back in will think the same and will contribute to their upkeep.

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      afaik the buckingham street flats are now going to be solely for the elderly community. Those (privately owned?) apartments the other side of the street, further up towards summerhill have to be some of the worst ‘new’ apartments in the city. The work going on behind the summerhill flats looks interesting too.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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