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      As the heading suggests Archeire has received a mention in Octobers Architectural Review on page 27 in it’s ‘browser’ section.
      It is as follows:

      Stirring up trouble
      Maybe someone can explain the politics. There is the so-so site of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland at http://www.riai.ei and Archeire, a great site to do with all Irish architectural and heritage things, at Why, you want to know first, do the republic’s architects have a Royal institute based in Dublin? Second, the RIAI’s search engine comes up with no mention of the really significant resource represented by Archeire. And why does Archeire’s search engine only come up with RIAI awards results? Architectural daggers drawn? Hissy fits by the Liffey? Pistols drawn at dawn on the Burran? On second thoughts, given where they are, maybe we don’t want to know about the politics.

      The typos are the AR’s, not mine. I wonder myself about the Royal part of the RIAI in this day and age. However it is the last line which I could best describe as condescending that annoys me. How does anyone else feel? I imagine you’ll be quite happy with the complimentary parts Paul….and the free publicity in the A.R.

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      Paul – Think you run an excellent site. Granted we may all be a pack of moans but hey there is method in our moaning and I for one find it extremely enjoyable and worthwhile.

      Its is a particularly condescending article….dare I roll out the old cliche… but is it a British publication?

      As for the Royal – there’s lots of these about. ‘National’ would be much more republican sounding (‘State’ might be a touch Orwellian) but I suppose we should value these little eccentricities from our past.

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      Paul Clerkin

      LOL, think Archeire has been in that column before… šŸ˜€ damn i had to let my subscription lapse due to lack of money to renew… better renew and look for a copy of this….

      hmmm plenty of RIAI mentions in archeire search…. šŸ˜‰

      This might explain why I have seen a few clickthrus from the “Members Only” section of the RIAI site.

      Personally I have nothing against the RIAI except that I’m doing the work that they should be, and I think they know it, so a link would be nice šŸ˜‰ My one gripe would be that they never add me to their press release list despite me asking several times.

      I do wish though that we could get more of a discussion going outside of Dublin, both Irish and International. And less height obsessed šŸ˜‰

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      Paul Clerkin

      Originally posted by StephenC
      As for the Royal – there’s lots of these about. ‘National’ would be much more republican sounding (‘State’ might be a touch Orwellian) but I suppose we should value these little eccentricities from our past.

      Jokingly – we should set up the National Institute of Architects šŸ˜‰ or the Real or Continuity Institute of Architects in Ireland – nice set of initials… easy to remember RIAI šŸ˜‰

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      “so-so site of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland” – I don’t think the RIAI will appreciate this. What odds a letter in the next issue from John Graby pointing out that the RIAI has a duty towards their members and that a new site is forthcoming?

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      The quality of the Archeire site, produced with much passion & no money is in stark contrast to the RIAI site, produced with no shortage of money & seemingly little passion.
      I find the RIAI site a trial to use

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      Isn’t the RIAI site the dullest production you’ve ever seen? No design cred to speak of, pity.

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      Paul Clerkin

      For the record, in the absence of any revenue to underpin the costs and the effort involved, there is a strong possibility that I will be turning off Archeire in the new year.

      Its been a good run, we’ve been online since May 1996 but I can no longer justify the money being spent or the time involved in the current economic climate.

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      The effort I can understand, but what’s the overhead in hosting the site? Why don’t you just delegate some of the editing/monitoring tasks?

      It would be a pity to lose the resource.

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      if this site can’t attract some sponsorship of a public, private or corporate kind…then maybe there is a recession…seriously I’d despair. I say if Mr. A Reddy can contribute handsomely to the RIAI as he does, then he ought throw a few beans in Archeire’s direction to make up for that blatant misnomer… employer wasn’t interested but I’ll ask again…..

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      Rory W

      Have a fianna fail syle fundraising piss up where we could hand Paul brown envelopes

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