1755 – Beauparc, Navan, Co. Meath

Architect: Nathaniel Clements



Described in Slater’s Directory, 1894 as “the mansion is situated on the summit of a high bank, rising boldly from the Boyne, and commands a fine view of the river and its richly wooded banks.” Original central block of the house for Gustavus Lambart attributed to Nathanial Clements by Desmond FitzGerald. Quadrants and two-s6orey wings were added twenty years later probably by talented amateur architect, Rev. Daniel Beaufort. Ashlar stone faced three storey block with the main facade sequence of Diocletian window above a Venetian window above a tripartite doorway. The door is framed by two pairs of Doric columns and pediment.

Mentioned in Lewis, “Beauparc, the spacious and elegant mansion of Gustavus Lambert, Esq., is situated on very elevated ground, overlooking the river Boyne, and commanding a view of some” richly varied scenery; the grounds are celebrated both for natural and artificial beauty; the demesne contains about 300 Irish acres.