1790s – Design for Coole House, Gort, Co. Galway

Architect: James Lewis



“Plans and Section designed for Coole House, in the County of Galway, the seat of Robert Gregory, Esq.

This house is to be erected within four miles of the town of Gort ; the situation commands some very extensive views of picturesque hills to the south and to the west ; there is also a fine lake and rivulet in view of the south and west fronts, and a wood to the north.”

Plate XXIX. Plan of the Principal and Basement Floors.
a. Servants’ Hall: h. Chamber for Ditto: c. Ale, Wine, and Beer Cellars: d. A Room for brushing Clothes: e. Butler’s-room: Strong Closet: g. Housekeeper’s Room. The Offices, on the side, contain the Kitchen, Scullery, Larder, and various other conveniences.