1882 – Kensington Lodge, Grove Park, Rathmines, Dublin

Architect: William I. Chambers


Fantastically ornate brickwork and terra cotta on this Queen-Anne Style house designed by William Isaac Chambers for himself, in 1882. The house is notable for its early use of terra cotta mouldings in Dublin – enough to merit a significant mention in its description in the press.

“Our Illustration represents the front elevation of a house about to be erected by Mr. W.I. Chamber, architect, as a residence for himself; it will be situate on the Grove Park estate, Rathmines, belonging to Mr. Samuel H. Bolton, which is about to be laid out as building sites; and this house will be adjoining the Rathmines-road. It is to be constructed of red bricks; and the ornamental works shown will be of terra cotta which is being specially made for it by the well-known firm of Messrs. Wilcock and Co., Burmantofts, Leeds. We have inspected some specimens of this terra cotta and more artistic or beautifully modelled work it is difficult to conceive; every outline is as sharp and well relieved as if straight from a carver’s chisel; the colour is very good; and we are sure that, when once introduced into this country, it will meet with the approval and demand it certainly deserves”. The Irish Builder, August 15 1882.