1880 – Royal Exchange Assurance Co., No. 5 College Green, Dublin

Architect: T.N. Deane & Son




Office building in an Elizabethan Tudor style on the corner of College Green and Anglesea Street. Sadly demolished in 1960s and replaced with a modern office building. Royal Exchange Assurance survived as an independent company for over two centuries until merging with the Guardian Assurance Company in 1968.

“The building shown in the illustration was lately erected in College Green, Dublin. Portland stone was used up to the level of the first-floor windows, and above that line the building is chiefly of red brick, with mullions and some of the strings of Portland stone. The building was erected in two divisions. The high part was first carried out. On this account the windows are at different levels, but it was requisite to get three floors into the space of two in the second house. As good rubbing bricks are not to be had in Dublin, the moulding had to be constructed from machine-made parts from Bridgwater. The architects of the building are Messrs. T.N. Deane & Son.” The Architect, February 28 1880.

Published March 22, 2013 | Last Updated June 26, 2024