1872 – Design for English Church in Rome

Architect: George Edmund Street


Published in The Building News, May 24, 1872: “THE Church proposed to be built for the English congregation in Rome was designed by Mr. G. E. Street, for a site which it was hoped to obtain close to the Porta del Popolo, inside the walls, and so placed us to make the building very conspicuous from the Piazza. This site has not, however, been obtained, and the design which we publish will, therefore, no doubt have to be much altered whenever the site is finally decided and obtained. The American Episcopalians have been more fortunate than the English, having secured a capital site for their church on the new Via Nazionale, and for which Mr. Street is now, we believe, making the plans. The English Church is proposed to have accommodation for 800 persons, together with a house for the clergy, library, vestry, &c. Our illustration is taken from a drawing now on view at the Royal Academy.