Modern Irish Churches – your response needed for study


Do you attend or have you attended services in a modern church in Ireland? The Modern Irish Churches Oral History Project is an extension of on-going PhD research in this area. Central to the study is the response to Modern styles of Church art and architecture in Ireland from both clergy and laity.

The website has been set up to publicise this aspect of the project and to try and both gauge and elicit public response to this topic. You can participate by taking the My Local Church Survey at

Anyone involved in the design or production of modern Styles of Church art and architecture are also invited to contribute – the forums and public gallery are open to all who are interested in this topic. Researcher Eimir O’Brien is a student at NCAD and is keen to talk to anyone involved in church architecture during the 1950-70s.

“I didn’t mention dates on the website as I was a bit curious to see what people would consider modern churches. And I am also generally interested in the area – the website is more an extension of the PhD at present than an integral part of it.”