Carlingford’s Old Station House Renovation Project

Carlingford Heritage Limited seeks to appoint a suitably qualified designer/group practice to advise and assist the members of the sub-committee to finalise plans for the renovation and redevelopment of the Station House and surrounding area in Carlingford. The challenge in the assignment will be to design a low-cost, high prestige and sustainable project in keeping with the unique natural and built surrounding environment.

The Trust has agreed to a lease of the Station House Carlingford, from Louth County Council. The Station House building presently houses the Tourist Office. The Trust now seeks to appoint a designer/group practice to assist the Sub-committee for the renovation of the station house to prepare a detailed project plan for submission to Louth Leader Partnership. We would point out that as this project is dependent upon public funding, the project will inevitably be modest.

Further opportunities may arise for related development projects in the immediate vicinity for which separate funding will be sought from other agencies. The Trust will be working in close collaboration and partnership with Louth County Council at all stages of the development initiative.

There are three elements to the project which are likely to be completed in phases.

  • The green area and children’s playground (the latter previously funded by the CLHT)
  • The Railway Station House and its environs (bottle bank removal, landscaping, car park…)
  • The tennis courts and environs- creation of an urban space/people’s park