RIAI announce shortlisted entries for 3Twenty10 ideas competition

riaiThe RIAI has announced the shortlisted entries in their recent ideas competition. The winners will be announced in mid-November. The shortlisted entries can be viewed here.

The end of the largest building boom in Ireland’s history has left the nation with the challenge of how to deal with large volumes of development of the wrong type, in the wrong locations and, in the most extreme cases with little future other than demolition.

Notwithstanding the many positive developments during the Celtic Tiger years, and significant improvements to the quality of the country’s built environment, many commentators attribute much of the crises facing us today to our mismanagement of planning, and our failure to co-ordinate private development with public infrastructure during the boom years, with consequent negative impacts on the delivery of essential infrastructure, economic competitiveness and our quality of life.

Despite major strides in Irish architecture over the last decades, and many internationally recognised projects, and successful new building types, architects frequently stand accused along with developers, bankers and politicians.

Architecture must therefore demonstrate its added value and the importance of quality and design in architecture and urbanism to the delivery of Ireland’s economic, social and environmental policy objectives; to deliver attractive and sustainable built environments, to enrich our distinctive culture and heritage, to contribute to the competitiveness of our economy, and to improve quality of life for the people of Ireland, today and in generations to come.

Three research projects will receive a bursary to seek solutions for existing or impending problems in the built environment. With training based on lateral and strategic thinking, architects are in a unique position to identify and resolve these issues. This initiative promotes architects as the first port-of-call for responsible, sustainable development by highlighting their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

It complements the RIAI Action Plan 2010-2013, which sets out policy objectives and actions to promote, regulate and support architecture in Ireland.