2010’s people to watch: Andre D’Elia & Meg Graham, architects

In the age of the instantly recognizable, architects Andre D’Elia and Meg Graham take pride in the fact that none of their projects is identifiably theirs. The pair, partners in life and work, launched an architectural practice seven years ago. And so far, the flow of clients hasn’t let up. The name alone, Superkül, is guaranteed to attract a certain amount of attention but more important, they are gaining an international reputation for their clean, crisp, efficient and always elegant designs.

D’Elia and Graham are children of the suburbs (North York and Mississauga respectively) who both studied in Ontario (Carleton and Waterloo). And as often seems the case in Toronto these days, before striking out on their own both worked at Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects, experiencing an architectural culture that values innovation and integrity above all.

“Our work is known for not having a signature style,” says Graham, 38. “That’s on purpose. Each project is different; we work from first principles each time.”

Toronto Star