1875 – Schools, North Walsham, Norfolk

Architect: J.T. Bottle


From The Architect, February 20, 1875: These schools have recently been completed, and afford accommodation for 450 children. The cost has been as follows:””Schools, offices, fittings, &c., 2,7001.; master’s house, 400/.; boundary walls and gates, 2501.; total, 3,3501., the expenditure being thus at the rate of 6/. per child for the school buildings. The walling material ia red brick, with ornamental brick and Bath stone dressings; roofs covered with blue Bangor slates. As a rare instance of a satisfactory competition, it may be mentioned that the Board, after advertising for and receiving a number of designs, called in a competent architect to assist them in their decision. The referee advised the Board to adopt the design illustrated, and his advice was acted on. The work has been carried out by Mr. Robinson Cornish, builder, of North Walsham, from the designs and under the superintendence of Mr. J.T. Bottle, architect, London and Great Yarmouth.