1874 – Church of St. John Baptist, Spalding, Lincolnshire

Architect: R.J. Withers


From The Building News, July 17 1874: “This church, with vicarage-house and schools, of which we give an exterior view, is being built, by Miss M. A. Johnson, of Spalding. The architect is Mr. R.J. Withers, of Adam-street, Adelphi. The church is built of the following; materials : — Ancaster stone for the external walling, with Casterton stone dressings. The interior dressings, columns, caps, bases, and walling of the chancel are of Bath stone. The nave and aisle walls are finished with plaster. The roof is of waggon-shaped rafters, with the beams left open, and is constructed of deal. The seat benches in the chancel are of oak, those in the nave of deal. The fixed seats afford accommodation for 420 worshippers, and chairs are provided for 130, making a total of 550 sittings. The nave is 73ft. long, 26ft. wide, 30ft. high to top of wall plate, and 50ft. to ridge. The chancel is 20ft. long, 23ft. wide. 28ft. to top of wall plate, and 44ft. to ridge. The aisles are 10ft. wide. A vestry is provided on the south side of the chancel, with a choir vestry in a crypt under the cast ciill of the chancel, the windows of which are shown the view. The contract sum for the church is £7,057. The builder is Mr. Huddleston, of Lincoln, and the clerk of works, Mr. T. Leigh.”