1869 – Ballyhooley Catholic Church, Mallow, Co. Cork

Architect: Pugin & Ashlin


“This church, of which we give an illustration, is to be erected on a suitable site near Mallow, Co. Cork, for the Rev. Mr. Burton. The architects have been obliged to adopt a simple and severe, and we think effective, treatment of their design, as the funds at their disposal have been so limited-only £1,500 being allowed for the expenditure, exclusive of fittings, &c. The church is 84 feet long internally, and is divided into bays of 12 feet. The roof is constructed of framed, curved principals, and is boarded on back of rafters with diagonally laid sheeting.. The church is boarded under benches with tiled passages, &c. The sanctuary is to be tiled with encaustic tiling. An organ gallery terminates the western end of the nave, beneath which a convenient porch is arranged. The architects are Messrs. Pugin and Ashlin, of Dublin. The contractor has not yet been declared.” Published in the Irish Builder, Vol. IX, 1867. Dedicated in 1869 with some internal decoration still to be completed.