Skyscrapers scaling new heights to beat council cut-off point


Dublin is set to become a skyscraper city, and the sky’s the limit on how tall buildings can go. More than a dozen high-rise buildings are in the pipeline, even though the city council has yet to set a maximum permitted height for buildings across the city. Homes, hotels and offices will boast panoramic views across the capital when buildings up to 150m tall — more than two — and-a-half times the height of Liberty Hall — shoot up in the coming years. Only now, with more than a dozen high-rise buildings — structures more than 50 metres tall — in the planning process, are city planners seeking to have an upper height limit. Dublin City Council is in the process of setting down the upper height limits, but permission for some of the biggest building projects ever undertaken here are likely to be granted before the strategy is in place. Among the projects likely to be adjudicated on by the council before the new limits apply include Sean Dunne’s One Berkeley Court development in Dublin 4.

The Irish Independent