Docklands heights up from seven to 20 storeys


A new planning scheme and masterplan for the Dublin docklands, due to be unveiled next week, is to recommend that the maximum height for new buildings at the North Lotts, Grand Canal Harbour and Grand Canal Docks should be increased from seven to 20 storeys. Parts of the City Quay area are also expected to benefit from the changes. The easing of the height restriction will immediately allow three banks and several other major companies to move ahead with plans to relocate to the north docklands where developers have been waiting for the planning concessions. Most of the high-rise and high density office blocks will be at North Lotts where the landowners include Liam Carroll, Treasury Holdings and Sean Dunne. The two largest sites at Grand Canal Harbour in the south docks are owned by Treasury Holdings and Sean Kelly who bought the former Bolands Mills about three years ago. The Kilsaran-owned cement site at Grand Canal Harbour will also benefit. The first beneficiary in the busy north docks area will be Carroll who owns the seven-acre Brooks Thomas site next to Treasury’s Spencer Dock.

The Irish Times