Public not yet privy to future iconic structures report

One year on and the report on Limerick’s future iconic structures is nearly ready to be unveiled to the public. The report titled ‘The Revitalisation of Limerick’ will be screened by an elite group of business professionals in the city next Wednesday, December 12, at the Hilton Hotel, before it comes under public scrutiny. The key players, however, remained tight-lipped about it contents this week. Maria Kelly, chief executive of Limerick Chamber of Commerce, declined to comment on the details of the ten-page report when contacted by the Limerick Leader. Ms Kelly said the purpose of next week’s meeting is to gather feedback from those who have put forth iconic projects for Limerick in the past year.”Anything which is decided on will then go the public; it won’t be behind closed doors,” she said.

It is understood that the establishment of an independent development agency, which will complement the regeneration agencies that have been set up under John Fitzgerald’s report, is noted in the report, alongside some five potential developments. Two consultants for the report – Dr Ed Walsh, founding president of the University of Limerick, and Peter Coyne, formerly the first chief executive of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority – have also declined to comment on the ambitious report.

Limerick Leader