Limerick regeneration plans revealed

Significant plans to regenerate some of Limerick city’s most deprived areas have been revealed a year after two young children were seriously injured in an arson attack. The plans include the demolition of more than 1,000 houses, the construction of new roads, and attempts to attract new investment. Following last year’s arson attack a special taskforce was established to tackle the many issues that exist in areas such as Moyross and Southill. Led by former Dublin city manager John Fitzgerald, the taskforce reported to Cabinet in March and subsequently two regeneration agencies – one for the northside and one for southside of Limerick – were established. Speaking on the first anniversary of the Moyross attack, chief executive of the two regeneration agencies Brendan Kenny said there will be widespread consultation with local communities. “We will ask them for ideas on what kind of community they want to live in in 10 years’ time and what kind of a life they want for their children in the future.”

The Irish Times