Marlborough Street Dublin

Named after the Duke of Marlborough for his victories in the wars of Spanish Succession. In the late 1800s it was briefly known as Tyrone Street after Tyrone House. The lower part from Abbey Street to Eden Quay was formerly a narrow laneway known as Union Lane or Ferryboat Lane and later Union Street but was included in Marlborough Street early in the 19th century.

It was also intended to build another street in the Duke’s honour, Blenheim Street that was to have joined Talbot Street to Abbey Street, and the southern portion of it was transformed into Northumberland Square in 1844. Much of the site of Blenheim Street with other places adjoining, like the Jewish Synagogue of 1746 in Marlborough Green, was absorbed by the large premises of Brooks, Thomas and Co. This in turn was developed into the Irish Life centre and mall. Nothing now remains of either Blenheim Street or Northumberland Square.