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    Hello everyone
    Thank you for the great discussion sparked by my question, for my own part I discovered that a window tax was brought in in Dublin 1799 to fund new military operations, presumably in response to the uprising of 1798. It lead to many property owners bricking up windows in their buildings in order to save themselves money. This was blamed for further reducing the level of health of the people of Dublin and for this reason the tax was nicked named the ‘typhus tax’. (The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. Volume 103. 1973. An essay about ‘Irish Fever,’ I don’t have the title to hand).

    Something I would love is to know a building where such bricked up windows can still be seen. I understand that they are commonly found in Glasgow where similar taxes were imposed; does anybody know of one in Dublin?

    I will pursue some of the ideas raised by yous and pay a visit to that big window in the Botanic gardens.

    Thank you

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