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      Hello All,

      I’m an avid follower of Archiseek although I’m not someone who posts that often.

      However I just feel that I had to write after about what a bunch of moanyholes who dominate ths site.

      I am originally from Bray, Co. Wicklow but I have been living in Holland now for 5 years.

      As a result of this I miss Ireland and follow events in Ireland avidly through the internet and through this I have discovered Archiseek.

      Having followed this site for about 2 years I just felt that I had to put pixels to screen and tell you all that you’re all a bunch of moaners living in a dreamworld.

      All too often I read about projects in Ireland that are lambasted by everyone on this site, and the only reason I can see for this is that it is the ‘cool’ thing to do.

      However. since I left Ireland in 1997 the following has changed:

      1) Dublin has a tram line, with another one on the way
      2) A port tunnel is almost complete, but is now a reality rather than a plan
      3) M50 is now almost complete, but halted by the legal wrangling over Carrickines issue
      4) Motorways are now a priority and when built are well done. Perfect example being the M1, a great road, which is never mentioned here!
      5) Dublin has it’s Spire, which despite being late is something to be proud of.
      6) Investments are being made in public transport
      7) Run down areas such as Ballymun. Spencer Dock are being regenerated
      8) GPO Plaza is now compete, looks great and it looks good for the rest of the project for O’Connell St.
      9) Investment is now a reality rather than a dream
      10 A National l Development Plan is now in place for 2000-2006, unheard of before.

      Above you just have a simple top ten.

      When I read about people complainig about the shape and/or colour of bricks in a buiiding iin Ireland it really pisses me off when I compare it to how it used to be.

      Can people on this site learn to be proud of Ireland in what has achieved recently and please burst the bubble that ‘everything is better abroad’ as I live in Holland where planning laws are appalling and some ‘modern buildings’ are truly an eyesore. The Grass is not always Greener on the Other Side!



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      Well said, mate. I’ve been living in Edinburgh for two years, and also keep a close eye on the Dublin developments but ‘planning’ is not something the Irish are good at, and so we all like to take the piss, and have a good bitch about it – it’s just the way us Irish are!

      I guess we could be alot worse off in fairness – Thank god for the EU – Dublin has benifited greatly over the past ten years, we should be greatfull.

      I guess what I’m I’m saying is that we (Irish) are shite at planning but brilliant at taking the piss out of it – that’s what makes these forums fun for me.

      You might be interested in this link
      I use it all the time, at least everyday. Helps me keep an eye on the place.

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      Originally posted by Morlan
      – Thank god for the EU –

      There it goes again, the self depreciation, maybe ireland can take some credit for its own success.

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      Murpho, I think that the discussion people have on this site is healthy. Mostly there is a balanced argument between different subscribers about the topics discussed, and not the moaning you talk of. Moaning about moaners is pretty ridiculus to be honest. I think most people who use this site realise that there are alot of positive steps being made in this country. It is just a nice rescource to use in order to discuss projects and proposals with other interested people. I think with such a rapid development of our economy over the last 10 years or so, it is only healthy to think critically about what is the best way to develop our infrastructure and built environment.

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      Rory W

      One of the major reasons that this country is improving is that we are no longer under the cosh of crooked politicians (Tax cheat and Tribunal obstructor Ray Burke we’re looking at you) and officials (Hello Mr Redmond) being essentially bribed by developers to have their way with things. Actual planners (i.e.) not just road engineers are being listened to for a change

      We are less and less under the shadow of these people (but not quite out of the darkness just yet) and this is the tangible signs of the improvement.

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      i’m sorry, we just accept shit cos it’s better than 5 years ago…. fair enough there should be praise as well if something is done well,

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      As someone who has posted many opinions both good and bad about buildings, infrastructure and groups of people, I absolutely reject the assertion that this forum is made up of whingers and cynics.

      In life it is only through discussion can a consensus emerge, it is also very interesting to see particular perspectives of particuler contributors to various projects.

      I wish this site existed with its current quantity of information when I was studying, as it would have saved my endless nights chasing info.

      As for a top ten of things that have contributed most of them have little to do with architecture as the ever increasing design quality required has more to do with the general economy.

      To list the Luas as an acheivement is a bit of a joke really, I am still waiting to fix a time with Peter to have breakfast at the Red Cow park and Ride facility.

      Things are changing with a single contract about to be put to tender for a motorway between Galway and Ballinasloe, but to not complain about 8kms bypasses would be burying the head in the sand.

      Architectural design standards are only higher today because people complained about the crap that people were permitted to build. Never forget it is cheaper to build crap than quality as you can design it yourself and pay cowboys to throw it up.

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      Ian, you have a point about the amount of criticisim here in that bad projects, bad design and bad planning inevitably get people more animated, esp people who have an interest in such matters, regardless of how many decent projects are excecuted – and even then contributors are more than willing to praise good work when they see it, and often in the face of being shot down by others.
      Suppose one problem is that regardless how flippant someone is in a critcal remark, it tends to carry the same weight when in text on a forum.
      The top ten you mention, some rather dubious including Luas, conceal a dearth of investment in so many other areas – one can easily list another top ten, if not fifty more alternative projects.

      On the whole, remarks and opinions are balanced and sensible with some tongue-in-cheek stuff too naturally. I don’t think people think things are better abroad full-stop, rather we can learn from other countries, and try not to make their mistakes, something we so often seem oblivious to.

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      To list the Luas as an acheivement is a bit of a joke really, I am still waiting to fix a time with Peter to have breakfast at the Red Cow park and Ride facility.

      Fair play to you for remembering Diaspora, I’ll be there ! maybe we should extend the invitation !

      I think some of what you’re saying Murpho is probably outside of architecture but in general I agree, The level of self criticism in Ireland is staggering … people have very short memories, a lot has changed in 10 years.

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      landscape disco

      I think some of what you’re saying Murpho is probably outside of architecture but in general I agree, The level of self criticism in Ireland is staggering … people have very short memories, a lot has changed in 10 years.

      Just going to throw this out for pig iron, who is to say that An Taisce, archiseek contributors and other interested parties are right, and know good architecture and planning. In general I would agree with the criticism of architecture on this site but did you ever notice down the country, its people who are not native to the area that are most vocal on conservation, planning and issues related to design of houses, buildings and landscape.

      Recently, I have been involved in work in Glendalough. I have seen locals white-wash and plaster over stone walls, paint their houses bright yellow and use copius amount of balustrades – all these things I think are awful, but I’m from Dublin.

      When you’ve been looking at stone cottages, country lanes all your life, maybe its not as spectacular or wonderful to you; its natural that you might want to create a break from the ordinary. We are the so-called enlightened, nobody ever gives out about bringing the countryside in to the city; for example, landsaping around Citywest, the garden beside High Street church.

      How many times have you been given directions to a country location and be told to turn left or right at the yellow house with the balustrades ! ? Kitch & twee cottages are often put on postcards.

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