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      Liberty Hall.

      It is a scar on the face of Dublin,
      an oozing sore that no-one can ignore,
      an insult to the architectural harmony of our fair city.

      Other buildings in Dublin are ugly but at least they can be more easily ignored, Liberty Hall shows up no matter where you are in the city centre. It cannot be avoided, it attracts attention to itself by its tallness.

      Dublin is basically a low rise city, this helps keep buildings to a comfortable height, creating a more humane environment (unlike New York which is a city not fit for human habitation).

      Whoever thought that sticking a tower block in the middle of Dublin was a good idea should be stripped of their architectural licience and publicly humiliated. Better still, as long as it remains standing the building should be renamed after the architect responsible. Thus his name would become a synonymn for uglyness for the lifetime of the building.


      P.S. I’m surprised that the worst planning decision ever made in Dublin is not mentioned at all in the poll ; Ballymun
      When they finally knock those monstrosities down they should pay the lads a bit extra to do Liberty Hall at the same time

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      I wholeheartedly disagree! In my opinion Liberty Hall is an important part of the modern architectural heritage of the city. It is hardly the most attractive of buildings, but it is certainly now an accepted landmark on Dublin’s otherwise banal skyline.

      The trouble with Dublin is that it lacks visually impressive buildigs. Sure, there are a few that are eyecatchingly attractive [Customs House, Central Bank, Bank of Ireland etc…] but they lack that wow factor of scale and physical impressivness.

      Anyway, I’m sick of people trying to make such a lot out of what is basically a secondarily important city [architecturally or otherwise] on the world stage. I mean, its impossible to compare Dublin with Paris, Rome, Sydney or even London, in terms of its overall beauty.

      Its my hometown and I’m very proud of it – but that’s all it is, a pretty town with huge, mainly ill-planned suburbs in its hinterland.

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      I like Liberty Hall. It’s a bit out of place, but I think it’s ok.

      As for New York being a city unfit for human habitation, that’s totally untrue. I live just outside the city. The World Trade Center is awful, but Battery Park City and Bowling Green are nice places, not to mention South Street Seaport, Greenwhich Village, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Astoria, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Riverdale, Woodlawn, Midtown, 42nd Street, Morningside Heights, Lincoln Center, 125th Street, SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, and Chelsea. All these are fabulous areas defineatly fit for human habitation.

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