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      Treasury Holdings say they are flexible with the size of these buildings on the website therefore design may change.

      Wilkinson Eyre are the architects. Only one render is available atm. This proposal is 13 floors in height.

      They must be confident following the successful offloading of Montevetro to Google. Having said that this proposal looks more modest then the original for Bolands Mill even though the design is “flexible”

      Brochure has not much more info but has info on floor area


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      That’s a bit more sensible/sensitive/appropriate/imaginative than the last version
      . . . . aside from the Benidorm block between the two stone warehouses.

      Is that other Vetro everything you hoped it would be?

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      It’s an interesting proposal and it’d be great to see more renders and impressions from other angles such as Barrow St.. The height is disappointing. At 13 stories the likely height is 45 metres and given that the area already has three buildings in the 55-65 metre range it could bear a 100 metre building. Aqua Vetro Mark 1 did look quite boxy and not fully thought out but at least it had height and it had a common style to Alto and Monte Vetro. A 100 metre Alto Vetro could be the landmark for the area yet Wilkinson Eyre are shying away from this.

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      Get the pre-let done; an architect that can adapt is valuable asset.

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      I completely agree Cathal! I made the same point over on Skyscrapercity. It it blatantly obvious that having gotten permission for a 15 storey at Montevetro, Treasury are taking the easy option and proposing 13 floors for this development to try to fly under the radar. However, I don’t really blame them, I would lay this at the door of our planning authorities and their rediculous attitude to high-rise.

      This situation is exactly the same situation as all the 32 storey buildings proposed during the boom. The architects and developers know that the planners tend to become fixated on a certain height, for years it was Liberty Halls 60 metres, as a result they propose everything at that height to get the maximum out of development space.

      All that has happened is that 12-15 stories is the new accepted scale for Grand Canal dock. Consequently, instead of the usual City Centre 6-7 storey we will have a shapeless mass of 12-15 storey buildings….simply a higher expression of Dublins parapet uniformity! Afterall, remember that the Montevetro we see today is a pale imitation in scale and design to the original proposals. The same fate is befalling Aqua.

      For that reason, I would rather Aqua be either 3 floors or 23 rather then 13 at the risk of creating a drab backdrop to the basin!


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